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Rotorflyr Dec 18, 2008 12:25 AM

Anyone out there try one out yet? Saw it for the first time a week or so ago and don't see it listed on Sanyo's site (assuming it's strictly a Wally product)

It looks like a neat little bugger, and while I still like my CG6, I'm considering "upgrading" to an HD set up (specs claim 1080p recording but no mention of fps)........

I didn't see any threads about it, so if anyone has experiance with it, post your impressions of it and some vid clips in varying conditions (outdoors, indoors, low light etc) as I'm curious as to how it performs in compariosn to some of the other HD cam's on the market (such as the Apitek GVS etc......)

If there are existing threads feel free to point me towards them as well.


rgvcam Dec 19, 2008 4:28 PM

I think this thread might be what you are looking for:;forum_id=92

It looks like it's a generic model licensed from an unknown designer. The companies then just slap their own badge on it. There appear to be at least 2 other almost identical clones of this model and as you say it is not listed on the Sanyo website.

Rotorflyr Dec 20, 2008 2:55 AM

Thanks rgv,

I looked thru the hybrid forum and didn't see that post (not sure how I missed it)

I'll check it out now.........

Touro Jan 3, 2009 6:30 PM

I got this one on mid Dec. 2008. Everything about this hd100 are good. video at 1080 and 720 require latest pc min. core 2 to play or else it will skid many frame. MP3 sound great on headset. Song title only display in english.
I trying to convert video to it's format to upload and play back in the camcorder but with no luck. Can anyone help to find the right video format or converter software?

higglebottom Jan 4, 2009 8:46 PM

Have you tried converting to Divx? I had the frame skipping problem with my HD800 when played on a slow computer. Converting to Divx using the free Divx converter (that comes with the codec) worked..
... David

click012 Jan 15, 2009 10:34 AM

i got a sanyo vpc-hd100 and when i go and record a video after 12 sec i get an hour glass and it freezes all of my functions. its like the cam is running slow. could it be the sd card i got a 2 gig kodack sd high speed help anyone

Mr Tommy Aug 18, 2009 8:41 PM

Camera took a crap...
Yup, my six month old Sanyo VPC HD100 has stopped operating. When I open it up and press the [ON] button it immediately goes to full telephoto and begins to record. Best I can do is press ANY button and hold it, and it saves the movie - and begins recording again.

I found the Sanyo website for these cameras bought at Wal-Mart and left a message explaining my plight. Here's the response I got:

"The warranty coverage period is 90 days for parts and labor. If your camera is beyond or past the 90 day parts and labor coverage and you require service, please note that although repairable, the cost of parts and labor may not be as feasible or economical. Please consider that the normal out of warranty labor cost will be around $ 195.00, this does not include the cost of parts and return freight upon completion of repairs."

Keep in mind I paid $200 for this camera in the first place! My response was as follows:

"Wow, I sure appreciate your quick response to my question.

Please be assured that since your repair costs are SO high, and your warranty is SO short, and, your support of this product is SO poor, that I will make it a point of never again buying any Sanyo products. And be assured, I "will tell my friends" this story."

And so my friends, that is the story of my experience with the Sanyo VPC-HD100R camera...:mad1:

rgvcam Aug 18, 2009 9:38 PM

$195?! Wow, I knew the labor cost was likely not to be cheap but that's totally unreasonable. It almost makes Car Dealership labor rates seem quite a bargain by comparison! I guess what they are effectively saying when they quote such a high labor rate is "go away" don't bother us.

I have noticed many devices offer a year warranty with only 90 days labor which makes the year warranty worthless in my opinion since they seem to charge unreasonable labor rates.

If it makes you feel any better I just noticed the labor warranty on my HD1010 is only 90 days as well which I feel is unreasonable for a high end camera but then again Sony and Panasonic seem to do the same thing. Yet Canon and even my Cheap Aiptek Camcorders offer a full year warranty on both, go figure.

subc Aug 18, 2009 10:02 PM

Mr Tommy, don't be so quick to judge the quality of that specific camera and the warranty offered by a 3rd party vendor. If you do a search for 'VPC-HD100R' you will find no results for Sanyo's official website. no support, no manuals, no nothing.

My best guess is because the camera is not even manufactured by them and they just licenced the brand for some reason. The VPC-HD100R is obviously a cheap knock off the official cameras by Sanyo (HD700, HD800, CG10) since it retains the same form and size, but lacks the quality control, the warranty and of course, the actual support from Sanyo.

Trevmar Aug 19, 2009 1:59 AM


Originally Posted by subc (Post 992999)
The VPC-HD100R is obviously a cheap knock off the official cameras by Sanyo (HD700, HD800, CG10) since it retains the same form and size, but lacks the quality control, the warranty and of course, the actual support from Sanyo.

Look, I have been very happy with the service and support I have received for my Canon camcorders over the years. But when my Sanyo C6 failed, I had no choice but to throw it away.

So why are you trying to tell me the Sanyo brand is something to be trusted? Indeed, why am I still browsing this Sanyo thread? Sure beats me... :bash:

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