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Hi, I received Sanyo VPC-HD 1010 for Christmas as a more portable backup for my Sony HD camcorder. I imported my Full HD (1920x1080) footage onto my PowerMac G5 and it was choppy and almost didn't play. I later read that the Full HD format can only play on windows computers. Is there a way to play the Full HD footage on my mac and edit in Final Cut? Can I convert it to a mac readable format on a windows computer? Also if I were to run the Windows software that came with the camera on my mac (using Parellels Desktop) would that fix the problem? What should I do?


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your mac is outdated and too slow. well it depends if you have a 1.6ghz model or the 2.5 quadcore. you can try vlc for mac. VLC player is by far easier on your system....depends on hardware too. lower definition video recording will work fine. Higher res or fps will make your hardware sweat.

here is a recommendation list for quicktime. it basically gives you an idea of what you really need.


for your information about windows..its bull...crap. I don't use windows at all. I do all my video editing of high definition video on a linux platform...which is like unix...aka mac.

player and codecs used for playback on my system is totem movie player with all gstreamer installed.

video editing is done with winff, avidemux, ffmpeg, devede, brasero.

my hardware is 2gb 800 ddr amd 6400 black edition cpu, sata 3gb/s drives. 8800gt graphics card. custom built by myself on a all aluminum case...no noise.

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You can do all these things - use Compressor to convert the Xacti files to HDV or something that Final Cut has a preset for and it should work better.

You can create a timeline/project preset in Final Cut (I don't have the latest version with the open format timeline, so I don't know if that's better) that matches the Xacti format more or less, so it will play on the timeline without rendering. But I haven't yet managed to tweak it so that both audio and video work. Currently if the audio is there and unrendered on the timeline, the video won't play either (though it will in the preview window).

Converting to HDV fixes everything and makes it faster (I use a MacBook Pro). You do lose a little bit of quality, but not noticeably if you are planning to put it on eg the internet or an iPhone/iPod Touch.

The 1010 presumably pushes out even bigger HD than my HD2, so that will be even more demanding on your system.

A good free video converter if you don't have/don't like Compressor (I hate it!) is MPEG Streamclip. It's Mac, PC and Linux compatible.
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Thanks Istara and Cresho, I downloaded MPEG streamclip and it works great. Do you (or anyone else) know of a good program that will simply allow me to organize my Sanyo Xacti videos (by date etc..) with decent playback quality? I need some sort of higher-end iPhoto for video so I view stuff and decide what to export using MPEG Streamclip.
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