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my hd 100 seems to run slow when i record a video after 12 sec i get an hour glass and it freezes all my functions i am useing a 2 gig kodak sd high speed card and im thinking of returning the hole thing any ideas
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Your posts after this post leaves me feeling as if I am wasting my time on you. Your posts make no sense at all and you are already labeled a spammer since you spammed accross the boards posting nonsense and anger!

When you explained your situation with the SD card and camera, it made no sense but since you require an explanation, here it is:
It seems you are experiencing SD card problems. It does not matter if it states it is high speed or what ever. Sometimes certain vendor's SD card have issues on certain hardware.Try other brands you have laying around and reconfirm if your videos recording have problems. The hour glass after 12 seconds says it is having issues writting the data on the card. If you can, format your SD card in the camera or in the Operating system of your choice. Since I am too stupid to use windows, I run linux so I can't help you there.

People do not post here as often as one would think. Expect 1 minute delay to months...or never. I can add here that I use an old 1gb slow sd card and records high definition just fine. My 1gb and 2gb SD cards are both transcend and patriot. my 16gb sd card I currently use on my xacti is SDHC and runs just fine (a-data brand). the 1 and 2 gb cards are regular old cards since ....2-4 years old. They work fine. You need to try different brands to confirm your camera is bad. If you just plain hate the camera, take it back and don't make excuses for wanting to "returning the whole thing!" If the camcorder/camera is bad, return it as soon as possible.

if removing the sd card from the camera to sd, make sure you power off your camera first and not just pull it out when it is in suspend. Suspend has the card sd mounted and can damage and even destroy all data and partitions on it. I know this from expirience not only from the xacti, but from my zaurus as well.

I think in windows, you have an icon in the lower right hand corner to where you can eject the card. Do this first before physically removing the card from the card reader bay. You will destroy it. Remember to format and test the card, if it still doesnt work, try another brand.......sizes...etc. SOmetimes windows refused to eject the card. If it does, just power down the pc or laptop that has the sd card. Like I was telling you, I am too stupid to use windows.

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