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As you know me and many other pro-Videographers (even some Hollywood movie directors have one for pleasure) love the Xacti babiesin size and quality. Idealfor these extra shots in difficult places. Producing better interviews and documentaries. You canget HD videofootage,where others think youre taking photos. Love working with the Century Fish Eye on it.Produceswithout any extra stabilizer equipment a fabuloushand(y) Steadyminicam JR. Also usable for a quick crane shot. Cool shots from a long microphonepod or monopod. Yes even now on top of our newSony FX1000 the HD1010 serves as 2nd cam with superwideangle taking backshot from me as interviewer! Also coming upshots with special Epoqueunderwaterhousings. Coming month in Bali with some Vimeo contacts even a Vimeo Meetup in Ubud Monkeyforestroad cafe Wayang!

See results, clips, tips and tricks at:

After HD1000 we thought HD2000 was the new ultimate dual pocketcam recorder. HD1010 worked out as an improved HD1000. So TODAY is the day they probably willintroduce their new HD2000. My eyes are closed, just bought last week another 1010but I'm still very satisfied with that one as many users are with their first HD1000.

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The new models are listed on the sanyo website....

I have not been on these forums for a while as I got sick of Sanyos small improvements to each new release only to leave people who just bought the latest and greatest the week before feeling slightly ripped off and it looks as though they did it again. I used to sing Sanyos praises from the rooftops, even convinced a lot of people to buy older models but now I am a bitter and twisted old man who feels let down....

Different form factor, improved bits here and there, added some nice features but nothing in my view that blows me away. Very dissappointed again...

The HD2000 and HF11 have improvements but do not warrant an upgrade from the HD1000 (which I have)or the HD1010 in my view. The new Full HD 60fps is great but some features have been downgraded it looks like...

1920 x 1080 (60 fps/ 24Mbps)

[align=left]Full HD: 1920 x 1080 (60fields/sec 16Mbps

1920 x 1080 (30 fps/ 12Mbps)

[align=left]HD-SHQ: 1280 x 720 (30 fps/9Mbps

640 x 480 (30 fps/3Mbps)[/align]

448 x 336 (240 fps/8Mbps) [/align]

[align=left]Web-UHR: 192 x 108 (600fps/8Mbps)

Where is 640*480 60fps mode gone? Where is 1280*720 60fps mode gone? and the slow mo on the HD1010 was 300fps, its now 240fps...[/align]Low Light looks as though it has been improved slightly but still no OIS, Advcanced zoom and reverse sequential shot look interesting but I would not buy from Sanyo again. The HD3000 could be out next week for all I know with a brand new feature.... neongreen LEDs... upgrade now!!!!!

The HD CG10 looks ok but I notice on the spec that the low light sensitivity is worse than the HD800. Worth upgrading?????

BUT.... I'll wait to read the first review... I was expecting more to be honest.

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Thank you for this small critical review, nowI feel so much finerwith my Xactis 1010!
Waiting now for next week HD2010or HD3000?
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I'm agree, I'm agree, I'm agree.

NO 720-60 fps and OIS.............. why Mr SANYO?

Maybe you are waiting that Panasonic will buy you?

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Maybe they have perfected the dis, its possible! ois is superior in most people minds but the perfect dis would probably be better than ois.

We can tell until any samples are released which will be when?
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