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Default HD1010 and lagging footage

Hi everyone


I've discovered some rather disturbing lags or whatever you may want to call it.
It basically looks like one or a few frames suddenly are missing, sometimes combined with what looks like slomo kicking in out of nowhere.
The result is an uneven flow, very annoying and unsatisfactory.

You have to be quite attentive since the Vimeoversion isn't as clear as the source. I still think you could catch the lag/dropped-frame feel. Trust me, it looks much worse in raw .mp4 and affects all post-production work.

It's easiest to detect on a computer screen, however the problem is very obvious on the cam LCD the same moment I record it. This has lead me to think that it can't be a question of dropped frames due to slow disk speed on my mac. It has to be something with the camera itself.

Does anyone recognize or share the same problem?

I thought I should mention, I use the Hague MMC steadicam. The problem is even easier to see when using the Hague, since everything is so much smoother.
Now, shouldn't it be possible to pan quickly to either side, without getting the lagging? I've read about getting artifacts or some pixelation, but that's not the problem here.

I'm fairly new to the HD1010, thus haven't completely gripped all settings such as focus mode, exposure, exposure mode, high sensitivity and so on. I tried to reset all settings to manufacturers modes but this didn't do it.
Is there any settings I could change to get it right?

I have a job coming up in two weeks, so I really need to become friends with my camera and get rid of all the annoying pan-problems!
Thank you for any help!

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I think there was a discussion about this but cannot find link. relate2 has insight on this.

I never expirienced this myself since the hd1000 stops after certain mb achieved or time exceeds a certain limit. It is not related to camera but fat32. camera's limitation is because of the card.

Here! try this. streamclip video editor and join the tracks here! certain applications will add a few seconds of fading in and out just because its split. a true cut n join application will not do this. so i recommend you try streamclip


I also use hague! it is just awesome! and i got mines to run much smoother than yours..lol! anyway, i looked at your footage and cannot see what you are looking at. I learned not to be so picky about the camera.

Here, let me give you an insight about mines. Mines suffer from auto focusing. Sometimes it hunts for a good focus. It was pissing me off for a while but I soon learned that this should be part of an artistic factor. when you show your video to someone, they can clearly see what camera it is just by looking at the footage. It's funny because this is what makes fun ...fun! especially when revieweing video with a bunch of friends who know cameras!

for your presentation, who knows. I would either live with it or get something else to record. Your camera seems fine for me and i totally missed the point. Did'nt notice it. that part that you mention should not occur. It should occur only after the total mb of the recorded footage is reached. Try another sd card if you get this problem during your first 10 minutes of recording. some sd cards are crap!

It's a good thing you are spending time with your camera. It took me about a month to get my setup correct.

i mounted a flashlight to my hague steadycam, i use linux with winff to convert footage to mpeg2- then use cinelerra 2.1 smp. cinelerra 4 was crap. waitin on lumiera. then convert to dvd for family or presentations. my video editing for a 3 hour recording believe it or not takes about 6 hours to complete including cutting, titles, converting, splicing, rendering, converting to dvd and....my I have never seen anything so quick and professional.

I spent a month getting my workflow right! good thing you are doing the same.

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I also don't see the dropped frames. Some people are more perceptive of this than others.

One thought, check out this video from Jan van der Meer. He mentions about in bright conditions in auto mode choosing 1,000/sec shutter speed.

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Thank you Relate2. That seems to be it!

Take care
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