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Default Must see! I have made DIY car mount for my Xacti.

The main advantage of this mount is that
it can power the camera from cigarette lighter socket.

I prepared special site presenting all the stuff.
Please click the link below to visit it:


Each picture has a number assigned.
If you have any questions please use these numbers while asking.

Pictures 1-10, 17-22 and 41-46 show all the set ready to use.
Pictures 11-16 show how power supply is organised.
Pictures 23-37 show some technical details of the mount.
Image 47 is a video showing how powering works.

The main intention for building this mount is to film
reckless roadhogs who are a big problem in my country.
After I started using the camera in my car I noticed
that it's good for making educational videos.
The mount is absolutely NOT intended for filming crazy driving
and for crazy driving just for filming. Finally, if there is
any kind of road incident the camera might provide irrefutable evidence.

To see videos filmed with this mount visit my Youtube channel:


And now more information about the mount.
Here is a list of parts I used to build it:

- HR Autocomfort Stabilo Mount 1 suction mount (product site:http://www.hrautocomfort.de/eng/prod...&index=1258_97)
- TomTom 5V/2A Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
- Sanyo HD1A cable adaptor
- switch removed from an old computer case (that one with Power/Reset/Turbo buttons); its a two-step swich: pressing it once closes the circuit, pressing again opens it (and so on)
- Cyanoacrylate glue, a screw and two nuts, some tiny cables, piece of aluminum sheet, tin
- flat screwdriver (for attaching the camera to the mount's board)
and Sanyo branded universal camera bag (for storing the TomTom adaptor and the screwdriver).

The mount's modified head will allow to use the camera with many other HR Auto Comfort mounts
with different fixation type/place (got no cash for trying them out ):

If you decided to build the same mount let me tell you
IMHO it will very hard even for experienced handyman
(I'm not the one but happily this mount works flawlessly
but I spent about two months for building it).

With a 32 GB SDHC card I can record about 8 hours of best quality (9Mbps) video.
All I have to remember is to push 'RECORD' button once an hour
(after 1 hour the video file grows to 4GB which is upper limit for
Fat32 file system - recording stops). Besides that, the camera
does not require any maintenance during the journey.

Imagine with this set you could e.g. film a trip from the east to the west coast
without worrying for the batteries (several of 32GB cards would be necessary).

Would you like to have such a mount for your camcorder?
This one works with HD1 and HD1A Xactis.

I count on feedback of yours because in my country Xacti
cameras are not very popular so there is no one I could discuss it with.
I am happy to answer any questions.

__________________________________________________ _______
Pictures 38-40 I took mainly for HD1/HD1A/HD2 owners.
Look what I always have in my soft case:
4 normal size SD cards (1 of them inside the camera)
2 batteries (1 of them inside the camera)
1 Sandisk Micromate SDDR-113 Reader (fits perfectly in that little pocket and causes
the spare battery, placed behind the divider, does not fall to the bottom of the case)

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very nice job!
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