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Default Please help with questions about sanyo ca9

First off I'd like to say hello and my real name is Simon.

Right lol, im wanting a good quality cheapish camera for my honeymoon, im not going till aug next year so this is what bring me on to my first question.

Is it worth getting a ca9 now? Because im worried about the seals on the waterproof case. It's says in the manual that they need to be replaced every year? Have any of you found this to be true? (bearing in mind it will probably only be used underwater once before I go away next year.

Could I use some kind of gun lube that's used on c02 airguns o rings to keep the seal fresh?

And lastly; are there any other cameras that's as good or better?

Thanks for your time guys

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I never knew about the recommendation to replace the seals every year. That does seem a bit excessive but I wonder if this wording is more to cover their backs than that you actually need to do this. Perhaps this is for the worse case scenario of someone using it a lot. For the occasional use I would hope they'd last more than a year! I also wonder what kind of cost Sanyo charge for this 'service'. I bet it isn't cheap.

To be honest, I myself would be very reluctant to buy one since the sealing mechanism on these type of cameras doesn't seem too secure to me. It only needs a slight defect in the seal, that you might not even be able to see, for a little bit of water to get in. How would you prove it's a defect and not that you didn't close it properly?

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