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Default Sanyo HD101 video lags?

I recently purchased the Sanyo HD1010 Camera and I have run into a problem.

Whenever I playback the videos that I recorded on my Sanyo HD101 on my computer, the video appears to lag and freeze up but the audio still plays normally.

It plays back normally on the camera itself, but when I upload it to the computer and play it back, the video lags and sometimes freezes, but the audio plays back normally without lag.

I have already tried it in 3 different media players, and it happens in all.

I have already consulted the manual and found no answer.

What could this be?

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It sounds as though you have struck the problem with playing HD video on older machines.

There is hope try this player, it is a new one and works quiet well.


If this one doesn't work you could try this one.

If both of those don't play your video smoothly I would say you computers graphics card is not powerful enough to play the videos.

You could also try some 1280X720 30fps to see if that plays smoothly.
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As relate2, says, the video lag is a classic symptom of a system not powerful enough to handle the HD Video and as he also says, try the 720p/30fps mode to see if that works.

Even if your current machine is not powerful enough to play 720p you can still shoot in either 720p or 1080p HD, but you will just have to convert them to a lower quality format temporarily for viewing. I don't advise dropping down to Standard Definition mode as you can never go back and re-shoot the past. You want to shoot it in as high a quality as possible. Once you finally get a system that is capable, you will then already have the source material in HD!
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