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Default HD2000 - Which microphone & stabilizer?

Hi all,

i'm about to buy the HD2000 to make a semi-pro video in Japan, i want to get an external microphone for it, is it possible to attach the mic on the top of the cam la XL1 or do you have to hold it with your hands?

Anyone here using an external mic? Any advice as to which one fits the xacti well? Model advice?

Also the film will include many moving / walking / driving shots so i was thinking about getting a cheap 100-200$ stabilizer because without it i fear my video will look like crap since there's no OIS.

It seems in my price range the best one is the Mini Motion-Cam, has anyone here used it or has any recommandations concerning small stabilizers?

Thanks a lot in advance for your enlightened advice!
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If you need stabilized video then the HD2000 is the wrong choice. Look at the Panasonic ZS3/ZS7 or (for low light) LX3, all of which have optical stabilizers. Similar OIS cameras are available from all the major manufacturers (except Sanyo). IMO Any of the OIS cameras will give better results hand-held than you will get from a $200 stabilizer and an HD2000.

For semi-pro filming I would use a separate audio recorder, such as the tiny Yamaha Pocketrak 2G:
I have three of them, I scatter them around in pockets, etc, and then select the best audio at post-production to mix in with the video footage. The ZS3 does not have bad audio, incidentally, unless there is wind noise. You can buy a semi-pro windsock for the 2G from Ebay.

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The HD2000 will work wonderfully with a steadycam. Here's an example.

Here's the Hague Mini Motion-Cam Stabilizer.

As the HD2000 records in h.264 it will be far easier to edit than a Panasonic, Sony or whatever that uses AVCHD. A good program is PowerDirector8. Personally I use Windows Live Movie Maker with great results.

I use an Audio Technica one point stereo microphone. I would suggest you try the Audio Technica Pro-24CM which you can buy for $70.

To mount it to the HD2000 you need a microphone hotshoe mount adapter such as the WindTech that I got here for $6.50.

Here's what my HD1010 looks like.

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I guess I better get one of those for mine. The sample video looks good. Cresho has the same thing for his. But it does completely change it from being compact to a big rig.

Bob S.
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Thanks to all of you for your replies!

Alfmeister your setup looks great, it is precisely what i had in mind plus the Mini Motion Cam. I need stealthness for sequences when i'm shooting without wanting to be seen or categorized as a "filmer" and for more general thought-about sequences i need the stability and smoothness provided by the hague setup...

One question, the 1010 allows 720p60 whilst the 2000 does not (no 720p60, 720p30 only yet 1080p60....Grrrrrr...so stupid! I dont know wether to choose the 1010 or the 2000 because of this lack), have you tried that mode and in what resolution do you usually shoot? Difference between 1080i60 and 1080p30?

I want smooth 60 fps video but shooting at 1080p60 will mean big trouble when i'll have to edit the raw files, i don't have a nasa supercomputer yet...Thats why the 720p60 seemed ideal...

Also thanks for the mic reference, would you buy it again if you had too? Actually after having talked with Jan Van De Meer on Vimeo i'm hesitating between a Zoom H2 SD Card recording mic and a standard plugged in mic like the Technica...Not really sure...I guess the Technica removes the hassle of integrating audio to video. So would you buy it again, are you satisfied with the way the Xacti integrates the signal into the MP4 files?

Trevmar i'm not sure i agree on the OIS thing, i think you cannot compare internal OIS and a stabilizer such as the hague...have you seen sample videos shot using the hague? I'd love to see a sample of an internal OIS providing the same smoothness when walking, turning around a subject or riding a car...care to share links?

Staats it does change the whole concept but then again you can carry the mic+mini-motion in a standard backpack, ready to mount them when necessary.

Thanks to you 3 for the feedback!

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I shoot at 720/30. Most of my videos are scenic shots of waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean so I don't need the extra framerate. It's also easier and faster to edit and render 720/30 over 720/60.

I chose the 1010 because of the price and because for me the differences are minor; $325 vs. $500 for the HD2000.

There are many fine microphones. I like the Audio Technica because they are affordable and work well. Many pros use AT. Sennheiser, AKG and Sony also make great mikes. It's like choosing a loudspeaker. Each has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Using an external mic with the 1000/1010/2000 will give you great results. I would only use an external recorder if I was really going to do some serious editing of the soundtrack.

Here's a great example of what you can achieve with the HD1010. It's a fan film called 'Operation Fireball.'
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