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Default FH1A write delay - SDHC card matters

*** Editing my original post in case other newbs, can benefit from my lesson learned. Previously, I had always bought SDHC card based on "class" rating and price. Never had a problem with any of my cameras or camcorders, including one that shot 720p. I upgraded to a 1080p camcorder and learned that the SDHC class ratings are not enough for this use. Turns out, a little bit of research - would have saved me some lost video footage - google is your friend. ***

Hi, I recently purchased a Xacti FH1A and a 16GB class 6 SDHC memory card.

I've noticed that there's a lag when a video recording ends to when the camera is ready to start recording again. For a full 4GB file, the lag could be as long as a minute. Is this normal or is there any way to fix/improve this?

I'm using it to record my kids soccer games, so I want to just start recording and leave it on and just worry about pan and zoom.

I noticed that I was missing plays when I went to edit the videos and that's when I realized it happened when the camera automatically stopped recording because of the 4GB limit. The camcorder is nice enough to write the video, close the file and start a new recording on it's own - but it takes a while before it starts recording again.

Last game, I tried controlling this behaviour by stopping the recording when there was a break in the game, but I find the lag is still long enough that I miss some plays when the game continues.

I did a rough calc and a full 4GB file includes about 23:30 minutes of action so it should only need to write about 3MB/sec, which is within the Class 6 SDHC spec.

Anyone having the same problem and offer any hints/tips so that I don't miss any action? Or do I just need to adjust my expectations for this particular camcorder?

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I just tested a CG102 and it was essentially seamless in changing files. A ticking clock skipped nothing perceptible (certainly less than 1/4 second) when files were changed.

On a different camera (DOD HD200) I did find that some Class 6 cards did not work as well as others. In that case the second file would start, but then quickly stop with a very small file (38M or so). Selecting my fastest SDHC cards got around the problem.
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Originally Posted by Trevmar View Post
I just tested a ...
Wow, thanks for the efforts and reporting back! Was not expecting that.

I have some other class 6 cards that I can try although I don't know their relative performance. I hope it's that simple and not a faulty camcorder.
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Default Yup, it's the cards

Thanks Trevmar. It is the SDHC card I was using. Lesson learned.

An 8GB Class 6 Transcend took about 7 seconds to write a 10 minute HD file and allow me to record again.

The original 16GB Class 6 Patriot I was using took 35 seconds to write a similar length file and let me record again. (That's what I get for not doing my research and buying on price.)

Just to get a 3rd data point, same test with an 8GB Class 6 A-Data Turbo took about 5 seconds.

I'm surprised b/c when I first got the 16GB card I did some read/write tests on my PC and it was comparable to another card I was using. It was, but I can't remember which card that was.
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