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Default FH-1 wavyness under extreme conditions

I put a sanyo fh-1 in racing car last weekend and got bad video. I usually get excellent video in racing cars with the same settings??? You can download a 30 second test clip here http://drop.io/diiloxp

the camera settings:
1920x1080 60 field
image stabilizer on
focus on super macro with a wide angle adaptor on lens
focus mode9-AF (i never change this)

the camera had a solid pro mount on a thin piece of rubber over the roll bar tube. The car has massive vibration transferred through the cage.

The focus is jumping all around but more disturbing is the "waviness" in the video..you will see the test clip is clean in the beginning as the cars are close together and not under acceleration and then really wavy on the straights.

Do you think turning off the image stabilizer would have helped???ůmaybe it is being overladed and creating the waviness?

I also think a set focus would have been better?

Any thoughts appreciated???
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The image stabilization is not optical. It works by adjusting the sensor readout based on data (algorithm analyzing movement) it captures. To detect movement, multiple frames must be analyzed, as the camera has no other instruments to check any movement.
This means for certain slow and consistent moves the stabilization will work ok, but for rapid movements the stabilization will fail. There is too little time to correct those rapid movements and the algorithm is probably not optimized for such situations.

The waviness looks like a combination of stabilization that is failing + rolling shutter (the speed of the sensor readout is a tid bit slower then actually needed). Turning of the stabilization should help a bit, but most importantly is fixing the vibrations. The tiny vibrations cause the lack of focus and much of the waviness.

For the focus, try to set it on center focus instead of 9 point focus. Also try to use the Aperture mode and increase the F number as much as possible. It causes a bigger distance to stay "sharp". I don't think a fixed focus will be nice in this case if the distance between the camera and the cars in front shifts a lot.
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Hi Rawit,

Thanks for the response. I was not able to get a camera in that porsche race car but I did a few regular cars while we were at the track the other day and the center spot focus was better...thanks for your tips...I will try the aperture setting next week.
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