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Default HD1010 vs HD2000 auto-macro mode problem

I was hoping I could get some advise from the folks here. The problem has to do with the lack of "full range" auto macro on the HD2000 (at least as far as I can determine). Sorry for the long explaination but here goes.

My company uses a whole bunch of HD1000 and HD1010 cameras (about 250 of them) to perform survey work for utility companies. The process is (1) take a still picture of a unique barcode on the top of a paper survey form close up (2) take a bunch of videos and images of the target pole (3) fill in the form.

We then have some custom software that scans through the SD cards, finds the barcodes, and matches the information on the forms with the corrent images and puts it all in a database.

We now need more cameras for a big job, but the macro zoom mode on the new HD2000 is different. You need to manually change mode where on the HD1010 in auto mode it would go into macro mode for the barcode image, and then back again for the others automatically.

Does anyone know if (1) a way to make the HD2000 perform auto macro focus like the HD1010 did? (2) a good source of refurbushed or NOS HD1010 cameras (need a couple hundred)? or (3) an alternative camera with similar control layout, ease of use, and auto macro zoom?

We tried to flash the firmware of a HD2000 with the file for a HD1010 but it would not do it (not that we expected it to, but we were desperate).

Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

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