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Caelum Oct 20, 2005 11:10 AM

Sanyo Xacti DMX-C6 (Japanese press page)

6Mp, fluid 60fps and minor improvements over the C5.

I'm posting more information in the Hybrid forum...

vincesd Oct 21, 2005 4:17 AM

Basic info now on the english site:

blindsight Oct 22, 2005 6:43 PM

Letsgodigital also reported a new Xacti C40:

Looks like C4 basics (5.8X zoom, 4 MP) but some improvements.

Caelum Oct 28, 2005 4:57 PM

I made a Sanyo C6 avatar for the fun of it but I'm probably not going to use it. If anyone wants it, grab it(right-click and Save picture as...) then you canuse it as your avatar:


pessoa Nov 1, 2005 10:52 AM

Thanks for the avatar! I'm eagerly awaiting the C6 and wonder what current Sanyo Xacti owners recommend in terms of portable storage devices.* I've looked at Steve's accessory reviews but would appreciate some current recommendations.* Would a video iPod do the trick?**

Caelum Nov 1, 2005 12:16 PM

That's a good question. From the specsfor the video iPodon Apple's web site:

MPEG-4 video: up to 2.5 mbps, 480 x 480, 30 frames per sec., Simple Profile with AAC-LC up to 160 Kbps, 48 Khz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4 and .mov file formats
So the video iPod definitely supports .mp4 files. But the Sanyo C6 cameras' highest quality (SHQ) is: MPEG-4 ASP 3 Mbps 640x480 with AAC stereo audio. So my guess is that perhaps the lower quality modesmight play directly in the video iPod but most likely most videowill need to go through a conversion process anyhow. That's just my guess, hopefully an owner of both can illuminate us.

seiboshen Nov 7, 2005 2:37 PM

so when is this thing gonna come out?

Caelum Nov 8, 2005 9:32 AM

End of November....

seiboshen Nov 14, 2005 10:44 AM

So is low light shooting going to be one of the major improvements for the C6?* It seems like the only complaint for the C5 was some zoom, auto focus noise and poor lowlight shooting.* I have seen some websites offering the C6 which will ship in "one to two days" so is this thing out already?

Caelum Nov 15, 2005 2:39 PM

(As of today) Sanyo themselves don't even have sample videos/photos up yet, and I haven't seen one review yet, not evenon any Japanese web sites. So I doubt it's available yet, but why don't you order one and let us know how it turns out? :G

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