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Was very happy to receive a VPC-C5 for Christmas. It looks and feels lovely.

Then I tried actually using it.

Was slightly disappointed to find that it only shoots video outdoors in bright sunlight and if the sun goes in it might as well be in a cave. However, against the odds and with the aid of some SERIOUS lighting, I've managed to shoot some actual footage. It looks OK on the camera... so now I'd like to do some incredibly basic editing - maybe trim the ends of a movie, put some music on.

And I find that this lovely camera
(a) doesn't come with even the most basic of video editing software and worse
(b) saves files in a format nothing I can find can read.

Obviously I'm not using as Macintosh.

Please don't recommend I try MP4CAM2AVI, because I have, and it doesn't work. Any attempt to open a file created on my camera gives "ERROR: Unsupported Video Format". Well, yeah. Completely unsupported, it seems, by anything. The only help I've been able to find here or anywhere else has simply said "Use MP4CAM2AVI", or even "you might need codecs", without any further useful information.

Can anyone suggest a program - which works - that can convert from the entirely useless MP4 format that this disappointing camera uses into something that can actually be worked with?


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Minor update. I have now managed to get MP4CAM2AVI to recognise an MP4 video I've shot.

No amount of fiddling with the options will produce an AVI file that Pinnacle or any other AVI file editing program I have can open, however.

Please, please, someone tell me I'm simply stupid and missing something simple.

Please don't tell me someone who loves me has wasted quite a lot of their money on an aesthetically attractive piece of plastic which is actually less use than my STILLS camera for shooting video I can use.

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When converted to AVI the Mp4 file still requires a DivX codec in order to be usable by any software. There are several sources for free DivX Codecs on the Web such as


You also need a powerfull enough computer, my old PIII 900Mhz can play them but with a few hickups.

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