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Oh no, the videosmay well be acceptable, that depends on your own satisfaction level.

But lemme tell ya, de-noising with neat video makes a WORLD of difference, so much so that in comparison you may find the original video simply isn't acceptable any more. That's the way it is for me with the still photography - I now run everything through noise ninja as a matter of course.

I'm thinking, even with a really good camera / video camera (bigger/better lenses than the C6 has), these programs work wonders and should probably be de rigueur.

Check out the samples at neatvideo.com! I'll work on isolating some noisy & corrected frames from some of my video & post them here.

But, if I get a program like neatvideo.com, I will undoubtedly have to upgrade to a much more powerful computer.

By the way: I did check out the 2-filter combination discussed in Ars Technica, and it didn't work so well for me. It's complicated, it is fast yes but the results are not quite as good, they workby de-focusingor pixel smearing or something like that. If it's just a matter of $100 anda bunch ofcomputer cycles to clean up these videos with the good software, then I'll choke up the $100. In the long run it's peanuts and I'll get to enjoy the results the rest of my life!

... in which case, buying the better camera is a no-brainer too. Which is why I got the C6 - for the portability factor :|
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