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Hey guys, this is my first post. I'd like to first sayhello. Seems like a great forum.

I currently own a Sony DCR-TRV19. It has served me well for the past few years but I need something a lot more compact, something that will fit in my pocket.

I am considering selling my TRV19and putting the money towards a C6. Anyone know how this would compare? One thing that worries me is i'd REALLY like it to work in a club environment. My friends are dancers and i'd really like to record them. How would it perform in the club? Is there a night vision mode? I have read the review, but perhaps I missed it.

Any and all help/advice would be very much appreciated. Will I be happy with this camera after being used to the TRV19? I will be using it primarily for video.

EDIT: I'm also impressed with the quality of the HD1 but I read in a post here that it will not be as good in low light conditions as the C6. Is this true? I may opt for the HD1 (I have HDTVs) but if it isn't as good in low light, it will defeat the purpose. Does the C6 or HD1 have night vision mode? I realize no camera of this calibur will be good without night vision in the club. I don't mind the "green effect" too much.



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