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i think its equal. i wouldnt call it amazing on either camera. however it looks about the same to me. i do find the HD1 camera a little softer in focus.

the stills are much better then the c6 and i am dumping my pentax camera and will only carry the HD1.

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Caelum wrote:
Akihabara News has a review of the HD1 up now and they say the video quality is a complete DISASTER! They say that SD (VGA) video qualityis not as good asthe C6 (!)and that the HD video quality is nowhere near what they expected. Three sample videos available in the review.
No wonder, I was saying that months ago - 3x3 pixel mode is better than 2x2 mode.
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At the Akihabara News forums (French) there's been speculationof a bug in the HD1 that may cause the visible pixels in their test videos. They have posted a blog entry about it.

p.s.: while you're there check out the Panasonic wall tv video...
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Ok just some general comments.

I bought my HD1 in HK for HK$5950 (inc. San Disk 120x 2GB SD which works perfectly with said HD1 andwhen downloading tolaptop).

So far I love it. There are some gripes that may well be caused by yours truly (out of focus when zooming being the biggest issue) but I am an impatient sod and so the instruction manual is still in pristine condition :roll:

I wanted a video / digicam that would give me high quality underwater video and also excellent stills. So far so good though of course it hasn't been underwaterto date (thankGod -since there isn't a housing for ityet):G

The above water video looks excellent on my laptop (NEC 1.5 mhz E6000 with 768 mb memory) and plays great with VLC. It also looks great and plays easily on my non-HD 38" TV.

Not sure on low light levels yet but it does well with a torch in the dark :idea:whichis me trying tosimulate U/W conditions - so night dives should be fun.

I am most impressed with the macro capability though - down to 1 cm (however this restricts light so 2 cm is better and then zoom in) and look forward to using this strong feature U/W too. Overall the 5mp photos are an improvement over my Oly 3040 but of course nowhere near my Oly 8080. That said I can see a lot of excellent 10x8 photos or larger coming from this camera.

Proof of the pudding will be when I get it U/W however above water it goes everywhere with me - in fact it is so small that I often forget it is in my bag :!:

Haven't tried any editing yet. Overall very pleased and it is doing all I expected from it above water.
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I got my HD1 a week ago. I have shot lots of videos/pictures in low light, fluoroscent, sunny days, cloudy days with lots of different settings. Here are my observations:

1. Low light shooting has problems as others have mentioned. If you set ISO to auto, it is too grainy (same as ISO 400), even though the picture is brighter.

2. If there is enough light, the videos look amazing on my 61" samsung DLP.

3. Image Stabilization is not of much help. You have to really hold the camera very still. I am not good at holding the camera still, so it is a bit of a problem.

4. Biggest problem that I see is that when youspan the camera (even slowly) to the sides while taking videos, the video looks hazy, which drives me crazy! Looks like if I set it to manual focus and a combination of shutter spped and aperture, it is better. Another problem with auto focus is that it constantly tries to focus when you zoom in and out. Manual focus (or auto focus lock) seems to preven this.

5. Pictures are amazing. It is so crisp and the close up shots have amazing resolution when seen on my TV.

Number 4 above is a big issue and I have still not decided whether to keep the camera because of this. Anyone else who has the camera have any settings that will help this? Or the person from sanyo (I believe that person is from sanyo?) has any insights on this?

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