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I can't believe Steve has done a review so soon....KUDOS!!!!!!!
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In the review it states on the Record Mode Screens & Menus page that "The "hand" icon indicates that the image stabilizer is enabled in Mode B. " Shouldn't that be Mode A? I see the letter A in the hand symbol.

Pat Paulsen would be pleased.... picky, picky, pickw.

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Is HD1's battery compatible with previous models (c1-c6)?

There are tons ofplaces on-line where Sanyo's batteries are sold for real cheap (like $12). Just wonder if it makes sense to buy aditional/spare batteries for HD1at those places.

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Old Feb 26, 2006, 8:15 PM   #4
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stain, no, it's a different battery.

(to see a side-by-side look at my postfourth from the bottom in this thread.)
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Most helpful review, as always.

I have been very impressed with the quality of the stills taken with the HD1. The only negative seems to be the weak flash. This seems to be a natural for the use of a small slave flash; since the HD1 can be operated with one hand, you could even hold the slave in the other hand. Or put it on a bookshelf or use the clever new Gorillapod (www.joby.com).

The question then becomes how many times does the HD1 actually flash, once or twice (not counting a red-eye flash). Most digitals nowadays have a preliminary flash to set exposure, requiring a special slave with built-in circuitry to ignore the first flash). I'll be happy to test this out when I finally get mine!
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Did you guys read the BAD review that akihabara news gave to the HD1 especially regarding its video quality?

Here's the link: http://www.akihabaranews.com/review-...pointment.html
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I read somewhere on here who had the Sanyo VPC-HD1 on stock, but just wanted to let you guys know that the guys over at http://www.dvnation.com also have the 4GB SD card! I received mine today. I'm currently filling the card by recording a second shot. My first program was was just over 45 minutes long and took up 2,237,595,648 MB out of 3,998,220,2008 bytes of available space. I think this means people will get approximtely 60 minutes of recording in SHQ mode (the higher of the two HD modes). This should equate to 30 mins of recording if you buy just the 2GB card. But remember, 60 minutes is what you get on a standard miniDV tape, so its a pretty big feat that you can already get that much time in HD mode on a 4GB flash disk. I sent in a couple stills that I shot and he's going to post them and I hope to take a little footage for you guys and gals too! I love this cam!
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One more review of the video camcorder side of the HD1:


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