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Wow HD1 for $630 shipping included!!!

These stores might be less than reputable but that price is almost too low to pass up. Both sub $600 stores say they have it in stock.

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Let's keep the forums for technical questions or for sharing useage experiences, this is not a Buying or Shopping forum - thanks.
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Make sure you know what you are getting into when you purchase from them. They are grey market importing and likely have a zero return or support agreementfrom the overseas company that is selling to them.

Broadway photo "for return or exchange (DIGITAL & VIDEO 7 DAYS) with prior authorization only. Call our customer service department to obtain a Return Authorization Number. Returns will not be accepted without a return authorization number. Returns received by Broadway Photo without a return authorization number will not be the responsibility of Broadway Photo. Shipping and Handling is not refundable! All returns are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 5%. Please be aware that a return authorization number does not constitute any final disposition. After we receive your return, it must go through inspection and then will be assessed for refund or exchange. All returns must include all merchandise or services sold under the same order number and invoice. "

It's kind of a "buyer beware" return policy.

The serial number will likely not match for US warranty claim.

Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it just my be!
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They already have lots of negative reviews online, they run different websites too. Experience with them is horrible. If any one buys or bought from them please share it with us.

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I think at this point in time, any place selling the camera for under $799 is likely a grey market (non-authorized) distributor. If you get your camera and it works fine, then you have saved yourself $150-170 (worth a 4GB SD card!!) .... but if you happen to get a unit that has a problem .... you may be in a world of trouble and you won't be able to get help from Sanyo either.

For my money, I'd rather pay a little more and go with a trustworthy vendor ... of course I have (mine arrived from Amazon a few days ago) ... atlhough I could return and order from one of these other places, I am going to leave well enough alone.

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RE:"any place selling the camera for under $799 is likely a grey market"

Absolutely true ..... but also consider this: they may also be selling "refurbished" items, and there is a greater chance you get "minor" problems like "hot pixels".

Think about it - when a new Japanese electronic product comes out, they are sold in Japan and Asia first, well ahead of us in the rest of the world. Millions of people rush to buy them. Like most manufactured products, a certain percentage is "defective" - the defects may be very minor and the customers ignore or never notice them, or they are annoying and the customers return them for an exchange.

These "defective" items are returned to the manufacturers. They got "tested": which means they are switched on and off, and maybe have a test photo/ video taken by the technician, to make sure they work. This only takes about 5 minutes. They would never spend more time to check the pictures in fine detail to see if there are blemishes such as "hot pixels".

As long as the basic functions of the item works, it passes the test, got repackaged to "as new" condition, and sold again by manufacturers as a "refurbished" item. It seems that "hot pixels" is probably the most common "minor" problem ("minor" according to my definition of how they test and re-sell "refurbished" items) of digital cameras/ camcorders nowadays, so a lot of these items go back into the market.

Remember the refurbished item still comes with a limited (3-6 months) warranty. If the customer finds some fault, they can still bring it in for repair or an exchange. However, by the second time the items is sold and returned, I doubt if there is any "new" item left for exchange, especially when the item is a hot popular model.

This is the way manufacturers push sale of their stock in the most cost-saving way!

I believe the internet sellers (especially eBay sellers and non-reputable websites) stock up a lot of these items for sale. You tend to see the price of the item drops soon after the initial "rush of sales" when the item was red hot. Most of the time, as mpgxsvcd said, for strange reasons the reputable sellers run out of stock, but these places claim they have it in stock (well they may also just try to scam your money first and say "back order"). This is because these "refurbished" stock comes from the original sale in Asia, before the "new" item is officially released into the market of the rest of the world.

I bought a camcorder many years ago from an internet seller, which ends up being a refurbished item (with "hot pixels"). It was never written on the website description. When you challenge the seller they say "you never ask". True nowadays there are probably more regulations about the "truthfulness" of product descriptions on the website, but this is not always the case for places like eBay, when the seller is not from your own country.

So this is my two cents - beware of the attraction of lower price products when you see the item is still being sold in other places at the original price.

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