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I am in the market to replace a Canon S30 (5 year old digital still with a basic movie option)

I would like to have 10x (at least 5x) optical zoom

Some kind of image stabillzation

Take at least 640x480 30fps movies in a nice quality

and take at least 3MP stills comparable to my Canon S30

Small enough that I will be willing to carry it around on vacation.

I am really interested in the Sanyo HD1, but not because it is HD (though that is a bonus) but because it is small, does 10x optical zoom, and has image stabilization.

I have read the positive and negative reviews. But what I mostly find with the negative reviews is a comparison with an expected perfect picture for the HD video.

What I am really interested in is a comparison with other digital still camera, will it give me a picture I am used to from my Canon?

With respect to video, I now use a 5 year old Hi8 canon video camera. Though since it is a pain to drag along, I have not used it in close to 2 years. Will these cameras (C6, HD1, TZ1) give me a comparable for better picture?

Is the HD1 comparativly bad in terms of pictures, video indoors under bad lights conditions, or just bad. What I mean when compared to other multipurpose cameras or digital stills. I understand it is not as good as $5000 high end cameras, but I am really interested in comparing it to others in my price range and need.

Should I just fall back to the Sanyo C6, or wait and see the Panasonic TZ1, the only thing I worry about the TZ1 is its video compression, will I have to use up twice as much memory. Otherwise, it is small, 10x Optical zoom, and Optical Image Stabilization. Sounds amazing.

Thanks for any assistance you can give me in this hard decision.

Am going on vacation at the end of April and I would to have it at least 1 week before then so as to get used to it.


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I never heard of the Panasonic TZ1.

Panasonic does have a new SD camcorder out, with 3 CCDs. Not really in the same league with the Sanyo C6. Probably much better video quality, but also much more expensive. I don't recall the exact model number, but it wasn't anything like TZ1, more like SDR-100, or something like that.

Are you referring to a different model?
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The Panasonic TZ1 was announced a couple a weeks back. Was supposed to be released yesterday, but has been delayed another 8 weeks.:

It's exact model number is: DMC-TZ1K


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The TZ1 looks extrmely interesting indeed. Now in terms of choice between the HD1 and the TZ1, it really comes down to what is your priority.

If Fix images are your priority, then the TZ1 definitely looks like the better choice. Image quality is superior to the one of the HD1, and Optical image stabilisation is WAY better. The HD1 uses digital image stabilisation (like the C6), and it is almost useless for fix images.

If Video is your priority, then the HD1 is probably the better choice, as recording in HD (even if the HD1 HD quality is not the best) with the HD1 quality will provide you with a much better footage than regular video. Video are meant to keep memories for the future, and in the future, you will most likely be using an HDTV.

This being said, the TZ1 has a 16:9 video mode at 848 x 480, which is significantly better than regular video and will likely look quite nice on an HDTV. So for mostly fix images and video, the TZ1 looks like a great choice. I would still like to see a full review of it though.
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