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I've just received my Sanyo Xacti C6 and trying out the features. I'm finding that the image stabilization feature doesn't work for still shots. (either that or it works really poorly). I tried using both the A and B settings on the Image Stabilization menu.

In the manual, I found this quote on page 64:
Your camera can minimize a jittery picture by compensating for unintentional
hand motion (video clips only).

If this is the case, I'm disappointed. Many current cameras have this feature, either optical or through software.

The Sanyo website doesn't state a limitation in the product information:
- built-in image stabilization

Even the review posted on this site suggested it works:
Most instances of camera shake will be eliminated or greatly reduced by the digital image stabilization system.

What have others experienced? Am I doing something wrong?

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Here's the reply I got posting my question to Sanyo:

Thank you for contacting SANYO Service Canada.

The image stabilization feature is provided for video clips only. Sorry for the misunderstanding and we have notified our Sales & Marketing to be more specific on this feature presented on our web page. Please use 'action' mode to take pictures on moving objects.

Eric Kwan
SANYO Customer Service

Based on this response, I would hope that the review of the C6 (and C5) on this website are updated to reflect that image stablization only works in video mode.
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Digital (software) image stabilization, by it's very nature, can only work with video, and it willnot even reduceimage blur with video, it will only attempt to reduce movement. Only optical image stabilization can work with stills. I think it's made clear most everywhere that the Xactis use digital image stabilization. As a consumer it helps to understandthe technicalspecs before making a purchase.
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I researched a bunch of cameras before picking the C6. There are a number that have a non-optical stabilization system. Examples are the Casio Exilim line (http://www.steves-digicams.com/2005_reviews/ex-s500.html) and the Pentax A10 (http://www.pentaximaging.com/products/product_details/digital_camera--Optio_A10/reqID--7315369/subsection--compare_digital_cameras)

As a consumer, I felt I did my research and I knew that optical-based stabilization is preferable.
It might have been clear to you. I certainly didn't make the leap from the information that was available to the conclusion that this camera doesn't have still image stablilization. As an example of the "clear" information that is out there, on this site's review for the C6 is written:
  • Digital image stabilizer for shake-free stills and movies[/*]
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