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Plese refer this first.

The SD speed grades X corresponding to X times speed of 150KBs (Kilo Byte per second), the terminology is the same as in CD standard speed.
Thus, for HD1/C6 to sustain highest resolution (HD-SHQ: 1280 x 720 30fps/TV-SHQ: 640 x 480 30fps), the specification requires 9Mbps/3Mbps (mega-bit per second) throughput and it equals to 1.125MBps/375KBps (mega-byte/kilo-byte per second) or 7.5X/2.5X grade.
If we add 25% overhead for safety then it became 1.5MBps/500KBps or 10X/3.3X speed grade. From the link above that we can tell the recent high-end SD is far away that the HD1/C6 required, or I can say the basic SD cards is just about right for HD1/C6 (perhaps that is why it doesn't state the SD speed requirement in the C6 specification).
I don't mean the high-end one is useless for HD1/C6, it still can get the higher download speed from USB2.0 port but you need to pay more for this benefit.
Unless someone claimed that it works flawless, for compatibility point of view to choose the top tier brand (ex. sandisk, one of SD Card Association funder) is more important than the speed grade because it should be tested by Sanyo.
The new 4GB SD came out this year and it has different file system and/or electronic specification with predecessor, it causes another compatibility issue other than speed. If the top brand name SD doesn't over 2GB and the speed grade doesn't exceed 66X then I can almost guarantee it works with HD1/C6 today.

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What I said don't exceed 66X not just because the higher speed grade isn't the concern for HD1/C6, also regarding the specification compatibility issue as well.

The SD specification version 1.01 allready mention the transfer rate can up to 10MByte/sec with all its 4 parallel data lines. (10Mbyte = 66.667 * 150Kbyte)
Today, the SD higher than 66X that must follow the new V2.00 specification recently or it didn't follow the new specification before it came out.
Meanwhile, nobody know the HD1/C6 has the V2.00 specification certified or not but Sanyo. We only can make sure that thay shall be compliant wilth V1.01 specification.

Furthermore, the The V2.00 (SDHC or SD High-Capacity) specification also solved the SD capacity over 2GB problem and makes it up to 32GB.

Unless you want to be a beta test site for Sanyo or SD manufactures, please choose the SD card from these important issues that I mentioned and I hope it is useful for you. :G
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This is great info and detailed explanation, thank you standsd!
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