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My C5 has one bad pixel in the dead center of the screen (I bought it on ebay so returing it is not an option). When I take still photo's I can use the healing brush in Photoshop to fix that with no problem. Which video editing software would offer the same functionality? Seems like it would be simple since the spot never moves.

PS: I can also use the freeware program "mp4cam2avi" to get the videos to .avi if I have too first.
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AT the minimum, you need a Software that allows you to add graphics or text to the Video Most of them do), you can then use a very small rectangle, or a dot as a cover up for the pixel using an average color, but the problem arrises if you want the color to match, as this means you needthe abilityto animate the color of the graphic element to match.

I do not know any Cheap Software that allows you to animate the color of your graphics, but this is the feature you need to look for.

Using the equivalent of the healing brush on the video would require a Paint system that works on video, or special effects software like Adobe After effetcs, but they usually do not come cheap.

If your video is a series of scenes where the area of the dead pixel stays in the same range of colors, adding a small rectangle ora text dot using the average color of the area could be enough to make it undetectable. You can change the graphics / text in the various scenes to match a new color, but it will be a manual process.
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I also had experience with a C6 with hot pixels (before I returned it for an exchange). Unlike still pictures where the hot pixels stay in the same place, I find that they dance around in videos, especially when you pan (or sweep across the scene), but even when your hand shakes a little. If you pan very quickly, the dot may even form a trail of dotslagging behind the movement, and eventually become stationary again (at roughly the same location on the screen) when the movement stops.

I use freeware VirtualDub and I know there is a tool (they called tools "filters") that you can remove unwanted logos on the video. Problem is: it works reasonably well with logos which are stationary on the video, but not when the spot you want to remove dances around. As scrambler described - this type of tool uses adjacent pixels to average out and cover the spot that you removed. If the dot doesn't dance around too much and stays within a small area, you can tryselecting the whole area it sits and use this "logo removal" tool to cover it up. But remember: the larger the area you select, the worse the final quality - the dot will disappear, but the area where the dot used to be will be replaced by a smudged blotch.

VirtualDub is not very user friendly. Ifyou wanta simple program that guide you through various steps, this is notfor you.You need to use MP4CAM2AVI to convert the video to AVI, and convert the MP4's audio to WAV ("uncompressed") also with MP4CAM2AVI, and have either DIVX or XVID codec installed, before VirtualDub can read and edit the converted file.

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