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I have read all there is to read and done every possible experiment, that i can think of with lamp mode settings.

I typically find the iso to be 900 in lamp mode and shutter speeds around one second.

I see others in this forum have complained about the low light performance failing, but no solution is come up. I will have to return the C6 to the shop. Can it be a factory failure? But the same low light lamp mode alsofails on my old C1.

It seems that i can get the high iso, but only at a shutter speed at 4 seconds.
Whycan't i just get something like 0.1 seconds at iso3600:angry:

To know these things,i shot some test images taken with C6 in lamp mode (f3.5 wide angle):

1.Street lights gave shutter at 1,85s and ISO900 (Attached image)
2.Relative dark gave shutter at 0.15s and iso900
3.Complete dark gave shutter at 1s and iso3600
4. I found no improvement in low light video capability of my new C6over my old C1
Attached Images
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Is the C6 capable of recording from a external source, say like a cable box, freeview or sky box?
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I just got my C6 and I read in the manual last night that you need to use a tripod in Lamp Mode, even says so in the manual.

I think the shutter just stays open way too long to get a good picture if it's just hand held.
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First of all I think you should be clear about one thing: most people reported that the low light performance of the VIDEO is better in the C6, when compared with older Xacti models (C1/4/5). No one made any specific comments about the low light performance of still pictures. I also have an earler C4 model and I totally agree - better VIDEO only.

I think you may have too much expectation on the "low light performance" of this little point & shoot camera: any comments on "performance" are relative and subjective - when the light is too dim there is nothing any camera can do to boost the picture quality, every camera has its limitation. What is "too dim"?, well this is yet another thing that the users have to decide themselves. I totally agree with our moderator JimC's comment in another thread about "complaints about poor low light performance":


For P&S class digital cameras, Fuji, which are most revered for their CCD's low light performance, only go up to ISO 800 (1600 is not that useful with too much noise). I am actually surprised that, although the Sanyo said its still picture ISO only goes up to 400 in manual settings, you can somehow manipulate the camera's exposure modes to go to higher ISO (like 900), and the quality is in fact "not bad" - I recently bought a Fuji V10 (not as good a low light performer as the F10 in DC reviews but still quite good). When I compare the "low light performance" of the two cameras, I find that the V10 makes cleaner pictures (with less noise) but there is a huge amount of noise reduction (smudginess, jagged edges etc.). In comparison the C6's pictures have far less camera NR and more noise, but the noise is not too intrusive, even at ISO 900.

But again, this is only my subjective opinion.

One thing for sure, I never took my test shots at night in the street with distant streetlamps as the only light source - the "dimmest" scene I tested was across the sitting room with one 100W light on.

Because I know the low light limits of an average camera, digital or film (eg. at ISO 400 or 800).

I don't quite understand why the ISO for video is far higher than still pictures (3600 vs. 400, in manual settings at least), but it may have something to do with the vast difference between the number of pixels used (640 X 480 = 0.3 MP video vs. 6 MP stills). I don't think you can manipulate the camera to get ISO 3600 on the Xacti, or in any consumer-class or even PRO digital cameras!!

If the "street shot" setting is what you expect your camera to perform, I don't think you can find any consumer-class dgital cameras that will suit your needs.



No the Xacti C6 does not have any forms of AV input to allow the camera to work as a digital video recording unit. You either have to go back to miniDV camcorders like Sony or Canon, or buy a personal video recorder ("video walkman") like Archos.
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I had before C5 and I was so disappointed about Low Lightning issues, in my living room with 80W bulb the videos were so bad, i sold it after a week. Now i hear that C6 has improved that feature for videos. Can anyone post a video made in low light like in living room or bath room ? or even in dim light to see how much improvement had been made ? As I am not been able to see any sample and this factor for low/dim light is very important because if I buy a small camera it is use in situation like this, between family in living room or outside in night in restaurant / bars etc… SO if anyone can make some videos and post this will help a lot to take decision to buy it or not.

Thanks alot
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So no one can help please ?

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Netuser, Ristraman posteda comparison hereback in December 2005 (<-click). The comparison stills I posted fromhis videos shows the difference.
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Netuser wrote:
So no one can help please ?

I captured a night time street scenewith my C6. Hope this helps. Here is the link:

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