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Guys - can you help please? Just taken ownership of my C6 and I'm a bit concerned that it isn't charging correctly. Before I send it back could you confirm a couple of things for me?

1) When I charge the camera through the dongle thing the multi-indicator does nothing - it's remains unlit. This seems at odds with the manual. The battery is getting some charge - the on-screen graphic is a grey battery shape completely filled with yellow. Is this full or empty?

2) In the docking station, the charge LED (and the multi-indicator) never activates despite the power cord being inserted. I was expecting the camera to charge automatically in the cradle whether the computer was on or off. The transformer in the adapter remains stone cold overnight.

3) The camera isn't mounted as a drive in Windows explorer when in the docking station.

4) I've bought a replacement off-the-shelf power adapter but still the same symptoms.

It looks to me like a defective charging circuit in the camera but I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks, Chris.
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if the battery indicator is filled with yellow. then its full.. have you tried draining the battery and then use the docking station to charge?

the charger wont charge the battery when the battery is full.. and it only takes around 1.5hours.

I guess you're trying to charge the battery for about 8-16 hours (like the cordless phone batteries for the first time).. i think it doesnt work with the xacti..

hope this helps

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