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I'm new to DSLR photography and have just purchased my first zoom lens - sigma 24-70 f/2.8ex dg macro. I'm finding that the zoom ring appears to be stiff at the lower end. Is this common? Is it stiff just being new, or is there something wrong with the lens. It also appears to be heavy, but I don't know what other similar lenses are like as I bought this online. Is this lens actually relatively heavy?
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This lens weighs about 705g = 1 1/2 lb or 24oz which is about right for this type of Lens...To be Honest if your only just starting Photography and don't know much then you ought to post more Questions here in the Forum before making desicions on Lenses as for the Manual Focus. No,it should adjust smoothly...Is it on Auto Focus when your turning the Manual focus ring??? If so switch to Manual before focusing...Hope this helped!!

P.S If you want to buy lenses then decide what type of Photography you want to shoot (Wildlife,Portrait,Landscape) and hopefully some helpful Guy or Gal on here will be more glad to Help!!

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I also bought this lens for my Pentax a few weeks ago and LOVE IT. I bought it for a good indoor walk around lens. As you said the lens is BIG AND HEAVY. The reason why the lens is big is because it is a fast lens. It was a little bit bigger than what I expected but I got used to it.

The reason why the zoom ring is stiff is because you have the camera body on AUTOFOCUS. If you change body to Manual Focus the lens won't be as stiff. I am not sure but I think you can mess up the motor on the lens if you have the body on AF and try to manually adjust it. Someone with more experiance with Sigma EX lens please comfrim this I would like to know myself.

Also do you know that you can pull the ring foward and back? This is my first sigma EX lens and I found this out a few days ago(I had it only for a few weeks). If you have it on AF, pull the ring foward so when the camera zoom, the ring won't move along with it. And if you want to manually adjust the focus, just pull it back and switch the body to manual mode.

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I've had this lens for almost 2 years and the zoom ring is stiffer then most other lens I tried. It is equally stiff through all the zoom range. It has nothing to do with autofocus.

Autofocus ring itself is light though. there are two switches on the lens to turn off autofocus. 1 small switch at the base of the lens , when switched to M it disingages the motor and focus ring moves freely. You can always override the autofocus bu moving the focus ring forward. Do not forget to put it back though for normal autofocus fotography.
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