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Default Is the Production version SD9 better than the test version??

hey there everybody.
i know that the sd9's used for the reviews on all the digicam review sites was a pre production model.

has anybody bought a now production model SD9??

could u guys or gals please give some feedback as to the ur experience with it?
r u happy with it or do u regret buying it??

im new to slr so looking at which DSLR to buy.
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Excellent question! I have been waiting for a re-review of the SD-9, particularily because some of the reviews said things like; "...I'd pass on the SD9 until it matures a bit." Has it been a bit yet? Did it ripen on the vine?

I really like the potential of the Foveon X3.
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I think you'll find most people on agreement that it's one of the sharpest shooting cameras out.....it does change the hue of blue skies as well as "yellow" light-skinned people......other than that- it's pretty much as reviewed........the camera is excellent providing you're not trying to do sports or action photography as it's AF and FPS just aren't up to it...by the way- the hue change is EZ to fix in PS with a custom action......with 1 click I can fix any "yellow-yint" a portrait has as well as the "blue sky" problem......for the $1000 price you can find them for these days- it's a bargain into the DSLR realm.
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Our samples were as stated on the sample photos page:

"Photos are from a production SD9, ISO 100, converted from native RAW and saved as JPEG (quality 12) using sRGB Color Space unless otherwise noted."

And what I meant when I said "wait for it to mature" was to wait for the next model. The SD10 is better but it still isn't the equal of the current Canon and Nikon dSLRs for overall use in daylight, dim lighting and night shots. It's great for well-lit shots at low ISO.

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I like my SD9 and put a photogallery together using this camera as a test. I'm going to sell my SD9 and replace it with a KODAK DCS---as I need it for some hardcore professional work which needs to be blown up to 50inches by 50inches. If you know someone who would to pick up my SD9, I'm selling it, the two lenses and special lithium batteries for $850.00 on Ebay which is a deal. I bought the SD9 to see if I wanted to move from film to digital and didn't want to buy a pro camera til I was sure I would want to move to digital. The SD9 made me convinced that I can get pro quality with a digital SLR versus film. Thanks Sigma! and I didn't have to spend $5000 to find out. I put together a photo gallery with Sigma only pictures at garymercerphoto.com if you would like to see some decent results using the camera. I used it for two months. Thanks

Gary Mercer
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