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Default Sigma SD10 Review Posted

Just posted is our Sigma SD10 review and sample pics from a near-production camera and processed in the new Sigma Photo Pro v2.0 software.


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Noticed that the iso 200 shots of desk shot (with the M&M Man)
for the SD9 And SD10 have different lighting, which could effect the noise, and definitely effect the color. SD9 shot looks much more vivid. the test for other cameras also have different lighting.

To provide better comparisons, wouldn't it be better to have consistent lighting for this particular shot seeing as how it seems to be the shot you've chosen to compare the noise, color, and resolution of different cameras in a "real world" setting. :?
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Default The SD10 review...Many thanks Steve...

Hi Steve

It was largely from your excellent sample shots that persuaded me to buy the SD10 and I know now I made the right choice, so I have to thankyou.

The shot that I feel is best to compare with other DSLR's is of the "Red brick building", here:


Before I bought the SD10 I took a series of identical crops from the same red brick building shot but from samples taken with 8 different DSLR's that were on my wishlist...
Nikon D100, Pentax *IstD, Canon 300D, Canon 10D, Canon 1Ds, Fuji S2 Pro, Kodak DCS14N and of course the SD10.
Because of the different image sizes I upsized the SD10 crop to the same as the 6MP cameras and the 11 and 14 mp crops were downsized to match.
Placed in a grid pattern 4 across, 2 high I could easily compare them.
All the 6mp's were much of a muchness, the D100 probably being the best Bayer 6mp, but none of them could capture all the details in the brickwork or roof tiles.

The pentax *Ist D crop, my second choice, showed extremely poor quality so I quickly forgot about getting that one!

While the slightly downsized 1Ds and 14N crops , had the resolution to match the SD10 showing all the deatil in the brickwork and most in the roof tiles, the SD10 crop was still sharper and more crisp than both of them.

Some have commented that as the shooting conditions were different for each camera sample, different sunlight angles, different camera settings etc, they concluded that they are not a fair test, but IMO they are just trying to defend their cameras reputation and are trying to not look like they have made a very poor judgment in purchasing their particular model of camera.

I see so many people taking the safe buying path, playing follow the leader and buying 300D's, that now I just feel sorry for them.
If they had a little courage to try something different and IMO totaly superior for its price then there would be many more happy Sigma owners like me out there.

Canon and Nikon owners may THINK they own the best,...
Sigma owners KNOW they own the best!

Alf B.
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I too downloaded test pics of the red brick building and the restaurant from various DSLRs. THanks Steve for making these images available with every camera you test, it makes direct comparisons easy.

The Red Brick building has a long horizontal row of narrow bricks set on end---only theSigmas resolve them crisply. And only the Sigmas, and the 2 11mp+ cameras, resolve thesteel mesh fence. All the Bayer cameras make mush of these things, to various degree...

There are certainly shortcomings with the Foveon chip, noisy underexposed values being the worst, and one canonly weigh the positives against the negatives. But man o man, that crisp lifelike image!! no veil over the image, no fuzziness----pretty seductive!!

Terry in Seattle
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