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I think with proper lighting and the flash that sigma sells, you can get great results in your wedding photography.

You will want to consider purchasing a professional camera for this reason alone if you can afford it. I know that the Sigma SD9 or SD10 can give you results, but a professional camera is built to withstand the rigors of hard daily use. This doesn't mean a better image,just a better built camera that will withstand punishment.

I would recommend a kodak DCS or canon 1ds if you can afford it if you are going to heavily use your digital camera for weddings. If you are doing once in a while film versus video weddings,then either SD9 would work.

I wish Sigma made a pro version of the SD10 and up the megapixals per RGB Channel from 3.4 to 4.5 or even 5. That would beat the pants off everyone else. As it is, my SD9 is pretty fierce competition.

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The question with regard to that picture which quite obviously showed that the bride had shaved her chin (though not recently enough) really is, "What are you trying to do at a wedding?" It's not camera-related so much as person-related. Wedding photos, as we all know, have traditionally been regarded as soft-focus situations. Clearly a matter which is best discussed discreetly with the bride beforehand as regards the type of photo she prefers (obviously chosen from a portfolio)and discreet observation during the discussion gives a chance to suss out potential problems of the sort illustrated. A personal aside: Our own official engagement photo was a beautiful studio job done on large format and the negative retouched to remove my fiancee's very obvious moustache. We also have a good amateur picture taken round about the same time showing her with the said very obvious moustache. Funny thing is that over a quarter of a century I've come to like the latter picture better than the former! Maybe there's a case for a few sharp-focus shots even when soft-focus is what appeals to the customer at the time.
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