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Default The Sigma DP2 Merrill

Since there has been no mention on the forum about Sigma's newest super high resolution cameras, I thought perhaps a bit of discussion about the new DPM series (DP1 Merrill, DP2, Merrill and recently announced DP3 Merrill) might be in order. These amazing little cameras carry the "M" badge named after the late Richard (Dick) Merrill, co-founder of Foveon and one of the principle designers of the X3 sensor.

As a user of Sigma's fine X3 based cameras since their introduction with the SD9, I was pleased to purchase a new DP2 Merrill when they became available. This dandy little fixed lens, single focal length jewel produces some of the highest resolution and cleanest (super micro-contrast) images available today - including the best and highest resolution dSLR's available. The lens on the DP2 M is superb. I would compare it favorably with the best lenses ever produced by any manufacturer. The little camera has received rave reviews from numerous professional photographers and reviewers for unexcelled low ISO image quality and incredible enlargeability. Quality prints in excess of A0 size are routinely made from captures with this camera.

I had the opportunity to use mine at Bryce Canyon a while back and I was thrilled with the performance. In this image (see full sized link for details) it's possible to see buildings and details many, many miles away even though the horizon was hazy on the day this was shot. I took similar frames with my Nikon D7000 and Nikon 1V1 and there was no comparison. The DP2 M was hand's down better, sharper and showed infinitely more detail.

First a link to the full sized capture - notice the detail in upper right corner of distant fields, lake, buildings, etc.



Then a reduced size:
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Hey Lin:

It's good to see you posting here at Steve's again. I hope all is going well with you.

Thanks for sharing your results with the Sigma DP2 Merrill (as it's a very underrated camera, as the detail in the photo you posted makes obvious).
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Hi Jim,
I try to get over here now and then - I don't spend as much time as I used to on the forums. The new sensors in the SD1/M and DP1/2/3/M are really exceptional for landscape work. The problem with the SD1 Merrill is that until recently, there hasn't been lenses available to match the quality of the sensor. Sigma is going all-out for quality on their new lens lines so I expect that to change shortly. Both the DP1 Merrill and the DP2 Merrill have exceptional lenses but the DP2 Merrill lens is simply fantastic. I would put it up against the very best lenses I've ever used including Zeiss, Schneider, and Leika's best. It's absolutely sharp corner to corner. I suspect that the lens for the yet to be released DP3 M will be likewise.

There have been some big names in reviewers and photographers who shoot with the very best equipment available who have been utterly blown away by the image quality available at low ISO from these little jewels. They certainly are not your "every-day" user camera, but for their intended purpose and with patience, the user will be rewarded with fantastic images which hold up beautifully at A0 and larger print sizes. I've seen comparison prints (same subject, same focal length) made at A0 size by Nikon 800 and 800E and the DP2 Merrill, and personally, I prefer the Sigma.

For the money, these are hard to beat. One can't even buy a dSLR lens of the quality in the DP2 M for the cost of all three DPM cameras combined.

Best regards,

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Hey Lin

Glad I popped over to the Sigma forum, thats a stunning shot ! Lookas a really wonderful place to be yomping around .



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Default bryce pic

WoW!!! Amazing resolution and contrast!! The best image I've seen from the Merrill. Makes me want one!!
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That's a very impressive showing from the Sigma.
Superb resolution,clarity and sharpness- right across the frame- edge to edge...!!

An ILC version of the DP2 from Sigma is required- with lots on nice primes to choose from.... and a free computer upgrade to handle the rather large RAW files...!
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I'm glad to see a sigma forum. I swear that all i hear are negative remarks about them but since i have and use one. I really don't get all the nitpicking.
I have a SD-10 with a 28-200 lens and love it. Thanks for the sample photo and the info on the new sigma lenses as i am thinking of upgrading.

Lin Evans: What do you recommend in a similar to my sd-10's 28-200 sigma lens for the SD-1 merrill?

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