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Default I need help bringing a group of rapists to justice.. (SD9?)

My daughter's friend was gang raped at age 13. The cops are not doing much. I am going to take pictures of the bastards but I need a lens for night time. I borrowed my Dad's SD9, 70-200 with a 2X EX. The house that it happened at is not well light and I am going to take pictures of each person coming and going over the next few weeks and have my daughter and her friend point out the bad guys and "hand" the case to the cops.
Do I need a lens or what to get decent photos in low light? Will other lenses work on the SD9?
Thank you in advance.
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That is a really sad situation, poor kid

In regard to shooting low-light and at night you may be better off (if available) borrowing or purchasing & returning a sony f707/f717 with its 5x optical and 10x digital zoom coupled with night vision . However I dont know how far you plan on being from the scene so the infrared illuminator may not reach.

Aside from that please think this through from a logistical stand point. Night shooting will require a tripod and GOOD/BRIGHT lense to get usable images. The tripod makes you a very conspicuous target. If your planning on parking outside of proven violent individuals home be prepared for the real possibility they may spot you and come kick the crap out of you. No joke.... I understand your point and beleive me if it were me I wouldnt be shooting with a SD9 but instead my 9mm.

Honestly your best bet in my opinion is to park a safe distance away with one of the newer camcorders with ridiculous zoom and nightvision and just recording it all.

Be Careful, Be Safe, Be Calm its not worth a trip to the hospital or worse ... especially not for your daughter if you are discovered.
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Buy a Sony 828, and then get the NS illuminator, which extends the limits of the infrared.

Here's the illuminator.

Just buy it from Ritz Camera, they have a 10 day return policy, or 30 day exchange. You can usually get them to take it back for up to 30 days.
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