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I gone and did it, just couldn't resist and with any luck I should have my Sigma SD10 tomorrow. I'm still going to keep my Canon 300D, well for now anyway. From what I've read the SD10 isn't very good at high ISOs so I'll keep the Canon for that.

Crazy thing is it's cost me less than my 300D did and has 2 lenses with it to boot so I can't grumble about that now can I.

I intend on doing some like for like comparisons with the 300D as both cameras come with an 18 to 50/55mm kit lense I think that would be the ideal lense to test them both with.

I know I should have spent me money on some more Canon gear but this Foveon chip has got me hook, line and sinker so I just had no choice.:-)

Anyway's I wil post some pics from both cameras when I get the chance.


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Congrats on the new SD10. There have been a couple of retailers in Germany selling the SD10 kit for around 500 Euros, perhaps an indication that current inventory is being cleared out for the introduction of a new model - but that is only conjecture, nothing more.

The 18-50 Sigma kit lens is prone to CA from what other users have reported. I don't have that lens for my SD9. I've stopped using the kit lenses I have as I've built up my small collection of Sigma EX lenses. The level of sharpness with the Sigma cameras is even better with an EX lens, the 50mm and 105mm primes being two fo their best. I recently purchase a 24-70mm EX DG lens and I am very happy with the results I've gotten.

My best to you using the Sigma and the Canon.
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I've got the two lense pack, the 18-50mm and the 55-200mm and today was the first time I really got any use out of them.

I must say I'm well pleased, images straight from the camera are sharper than the Canon and the other benefit is the photo pro software. Fantastic.

The Canon also gives excellent results but needed more post processing, however I think both camera's will give even better results with decent glass. Thanks for your advice on the lenses.

I hope Sigma don't give up on this Foveon sensor, I think it's definately a winner just needs more work on high ISOs. over 400 that is.


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