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Hello, I have a Sigma SD9 and I'm very happy with their performance. But I can't do great photographies at night because their ISO range is only from 100 to 400 asa, and I can't take photos with more than 15 seconds of exposition (with 100 asa).

I'm am starting to do astronomical photographies, and I thought than my sigma were perfect, but it ins't true because the problems than I've listened above.

Well, If you can help me, I'll be more proud of my camera than I'm now.

Thanks a lot, and sorry about my bad english, It isn't my language (jeje).

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Hello there...

To be honest, I don't think any digital camera body is particularly great at super long exposures. When I was doing astrophotography, I used 15 minute exposures to record light trails from stars and what not. I don't think you will find anything other than a film body that can do this. What I am doing is getting a backup SA-9 sigma film body so I can use all my lenses with it. You may consider that, or an SA-7. An SA-7 can be had for around a hundred US dollars on the used market, which is a pretty good deal. Otherwise, you are stuck with 15 second exposures.

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:|Buy a SD10...!!

I snaped this of.. a restaurant in Oslo, Norway

late at night, early in the morning.

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