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Hi everyone,

My wife (bless her sneaky little heart) gave me a new SD10 last night for my birthday. I've been drooling over the Foveon chip since it came out and watching the prices of the Sigma camera's and wishing for one for some time now. She, along with a couple friends,surprised me last night.

Now comes the part where we get to accessorize! She got the "kit" withtwo lenses, along with UV filters to protect them, batteries,a bag and a 1GB CF card! (Yeah, she spoiled me, what can I say?)

I need some advice on what kind of flash unit would be best. It looks like Sigma's own EF500 series is designed to work with the camera, but the ST DG's are out of stock and the DG Super is quite a bit more money. What's the difference between them, other than you can pay more and get the expensive one now? The specs look exactly the same.

What about the remote control and cable release? Do you recommend getting those? What kind of software would you recommend? So many questions!

It's been a while since I was into photography, as you can probably guess, so for all intents and purposes consider that I'm starting from scratch.


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The early Sigma gunsoften give unreliable exposures in TTL mode, so only get the very latest Sigma gun ifindeed itsa Sigma gun your going for.

The Latest model is called the Sigma EF-500 DG super SA-N.

You can also use manyMetz flashguns in manual mode, such as the 40mz-3i and the 54mz-3.

The best Metz SCA adapter to use with the SD9 or SD10 is not at all critical, if you set the guns manually.

However,it has recently come to light that CanonE-TTL may be the sameas Sigma S-TTL, posing the tantilisng possibilty of using Canon EF flashguns on the SD9 or SD10 in full TTL mode!...Thisstill need to be confirmed though and I'm still looking forsomeone totry it out.



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