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Hi, I just got a SD9 few weeks ago, but I seem to have a problem. I have tried taking pictures inside and outside, withsun and overcast, always the same problem, pictures are too dark or colors are too blah or both. I haven't been able to take not one picture what would be just perfect. Have to upload them one by one to PhotoPro to change lighting or color or both. I thought that this camera suppose to give excellent colors.

What might be the problem. Is it just me or the camera or do I suppose to adjust every shot in PhotoPro after taking it. Please help, I am getting really frustrated. Almost to the point of getting rid of this camera.
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It could be something you're doing, or setting wrong (for example, using something other than sRGB as a color space, which can make images look flat in many viewers), or you have something set wrong for metering if photos are too dark (for example, trying to use spot metering on a lighter portion of a scene).

Metering with any camera can take some getting used to. If you get dark photos consistently, regardless of metering settings, you may need to use a +EV setting with Exposure Compensation (or it could even be that your monitor needs calibrating).

As a first step, I'd make sure you've got the latest firmware installed in the camera, and make sure you're using the latest PhotoPro version, too. Chances are, Sigma has made some changes in the camera to improve it, as well as improvements in PhotoPro.


Then, if you see a problem photo, you may want to post an example so that other Sigma users can comment on what may be going wrong.

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i would really sugest that you take a look at http://www.dpreview.com and click on the link for the Sigma forum as this is where all the experianced Sigma users are and you will get a lot of very helpfull advice very quickly there.

I am not running this forum down but dpreview is where you will find the answers to your questions
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I have the same problem with my SD9 ( updated firmware 2.0xxx recently), all the pictures I took looks great in the LCD, but when I open PhotoPro 2.1, all those pics look very dark and flat no matter how I use EV + . How can I solve this problem? Thanks
I want to post the picture but affraid it is too large in .xf3 format
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