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  1. Big horn
  2. Pelican patrol
  3. Nephew :)
  4. There's always one
  5. In The Garden With A Few Primes
  6. Stretch
  7. New toy
  8. Earl has breakfast at the Bluegill Buffet
  9. Roses in June
  10. Lily "portraits"
  11. Quiet Spt on a Hot Day
  12. Two-Toned
  13. Walking on Water
  14. Prowler photographed in the act
  15. Fun Image Last Night
  16. Canadian Rockies - Spirit Island
  17. Last few days with the E-M5
  18. Hey Bob, sound familiar?
  19. Macro Critters in the Back Yard
  20. It is nearly too hot to shoot the cars
  21. I have some new extender tubes for m43 but
  22. Obligatory July fireworks thread.
  23. Walking Downtown
  24. Crepe Myrtle Crazy
  25. Hiking the Whites
  26. Really Nice E-M5 Profile
  27. Mabel...
  28. Congratulations to folob for POTD
  29. Not a Harley
  30. Goggomobile
  31. flowers and spiders and stuff (14-54 MKII)
  32. It was HOT out there but.............
  33. Late Afternoon Along Turtle Creek
  34. Upgrading my EPL-1
  35. The Heat Island Effect
  36. People shots from the Arts Festival.
  37. Ein Beir photos
  38. ........bug-huntin with the P3 & FT 35mm MACRO
  39. ....test results for top cameras for low-light high-ISO
  40. Fn Little Exercise with the 75-300 M. Zuiko..
  41. Another Harley
  42. 75-300 M. Zuiko and the 10mm Kenko Auto tube...
  43. Zuiko 14-54 MK II -0- yeah!
  44. Omg lazerz!!!
  45. What I Said To Myself I Would Never Do...
  46. Critical Moment
  47. the swallow tail returns
  48. Narrow DOF. Yep, it's possible
  49. Alaska Sun Set
  50. ............I reached for the 14-54 vI and
  51. Samyang mirror lens
  52. ...back to nature
  53. Good times at the campfire.
  54. Color and Speed...
  55. Best of the White Sands Bunch So Far
  56. FYI: OMD-EM5 + 12-50mm for 899 at Henrys
  57. ...still pretty busy here but OK in Arlington, TX
  58. Lately
  59. Out and About With My Favorite Superzoom
  60. Adobe Camera RAW and DxO Optics 8
  61. ....big tornados in Texas Wed night
  62. ....metaphorically a 'stop & go' of red & green
  63. David H Wells & the Omd-5
  64. There is always light at the end of the tunnel...
  65. An "Active" Day In The Wetlands
  66. Spring blooms with the Hexanon 50mm f1.8
  67. 1977 Harley
  68. Water Fowl
  69. Late Afternoon with the 75mm f1.8 M. Zuiko
  70. Week with old Konica Hexanon 57/1.7
  71. Eye see you!
  72. was Chevy night at Nostalgia Nights
  73. Peaceful, Quiet Morning at the Arboretum
  74. This and that
  75. E-M5 and FL600R- A Few FP Mode Shots Outdoors
  76. Olympus E-P3 $379 at Adorama
  77. ...into the park with just the 2-FT lenses
  78. My Friday 'car-fix' and the Black Widow.........
  79. A quick Q on the Oly m40-150
  80. FYI: 1st image of new E-P5
  81. big cat rescue in tampa
  82. Pen Mini Goes Gigging
  83. I am playing a bit with Photomatix and
  84. My thought on the discussions for using a ZD 14-54
  85. some shore birds of Florida's nature coast
  86. transcend wifi card class 10 now available
  87. Japanese Maple Day...
  88. Well, it was Friday and I had no other plans so..........
  89. Old Saw Mill- Raw Conversions and Photoshop Oil Painting Filter
  90. If you could buy only zoom 1 lens
  91. Returned the Sigma 19mm
  92. Clark Gardens- Almost More Than I Bargained For...
  93. Potd
  94. Lightning Storm
  95. E-PL1 Macro Lens for jewelry pictures?
  96. Bryant Park
  97. Panasonic releases DMC-GF6
  98. Don't you just hate it when ...............
  99. Lee Park on April 7
  100. Grand Central Station
  101. Olympus has a new instant rebate.
  102. nearing the end of feeder season
  103. 'tis Friday nights show time again
  104. The Bluebonnets Are Out
  105. Banff National Park
  106. Olympus F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8 test
  107. Opening Day
  108. .....a great day to be out following a crappy weather weekend so,
  109. Converting over to Oly 4/3
  110. Article on Steve Huff about OM-D and sports
  111. One Last Thread of Color...
  112. a review of the E-PL5
  113. 75-300 M. Zuiko and 16mm Kenko tube..
  114. An attempt at Brenizer method
  115. New Software From Olympus- Always Hopeful, BUT....
  116. Carnegie Mellon
  117. ....the E-P3 & EM-5 do an arts festival
  118. Dogwood time at Lee Park
  119. One (somewhat cold) Morning at the Botanical Gardens
  120. Issues with Flash in EPL1
  121. Nik plugins.
  122. EXIF terms and questions
  123. Which Way is Up?
  124. EPL-5 indoor flower shots
  125. ....there ain't gonna be much for wildflowers and monarchs this year in Texas
  126. "The Look"
  127. No More Winter Here!
  128. still winter, and this guy looks like he's had enough
  129. Really Nice Looking Lens Modules of DxO Optics 8
  130. ....intended for Greg C, cuz it is quicker this way
  131. Tripods
  132. Enjoying The Late Afternoon Sun
  133. E-PM1 non budget flash suggestions
  134. 45mm f1.8 plus indoor sports, a winning combo!
  135. Yep, still winter
  136. day at the beach
  137. Texas Hummingbirds
  138. "Pro" shooting with M5
  139. EPL-5 price drop $ 569.00 with lens
  140. OM-D Super Collection
  141. One of the (Few) Olympus M. Zuiko lenses I have not played with before now...
  142. ......I am still here, I've just been busy
  143. Some Highlights From the Past Week
  144. Some Macros with the MAL-1 and Raynox DCR-250
  145. EPL-2 HDTV playback help please.
  146. Epl-1 af vs EPL-5 Questions
  147. Image taken using an MAL-1 macro light
  148. 1BR, 0BA, Nice Neighborhood, Move-in Ready
  149. What a tough place to have to swim...
  150. Am I dreaming?
  151. Back at the Ukrainian Historical Village
  152. Olympus 5% off coupon
  153. I have not used this lens very much...
  154. Sigma 19mm f2.8 - first impressions and shots
  155. Tele Extender for M43
  156. 60mm and 75mm M. Zuikos- Definitely Four-Thirds Quality
  157. Camera Straps, what do you use/prefer?
  158. Chinese New Year
  159. for the macro fans - Arm light on sale $39.95
  160. new 4/3 to m4/3 adapter available - $54.99!
  161. Maybe heaver discounts from Olympus
  162. Great Horned OWL with EPL-1 and FT 70-300
  163. Oly 17mm f2.8 lens
  164. walking around campus with the 25mm
  165. It's Trout Lily Time at the Heard
  166. After the storm - some shots from today
  167. birds before the storm
  168. Oly 45 or Oly 60?
  169. Hey, Zig - are you gonna be OK?
  170. Oly M.Zuiko 14-42 MkI kit lens on sale
  171. Viewing RAW files in windows
  172. Some High Contrast Images Shot Along The Creek Sunday Morning
  173. Ice On Whyte Festival
  174. red shouldered hawk with 70-300mm
  175. Olympus 75-300 II
  176. A Fun Video of the E-M5
  177. Hmmmm....what the right sequence to press?
  178. Olympus EP-9 Eyecup for VF-2 Viewfinder $14.99
  179. 2 Sigma prime lens pack for $199
  180. Hah!!!
  181. E-PL5 or M5
  182. Sigma announces new 60mm f2.8 and enhanced 19mm and 30mm f2.8 for MFT and NEX
  183. Pretty Puppy Pepper
  184. today's birds - 70-300mm
  185. Some NHL Action with the E-M5..
  186. Cleveland art museum with two nieces and one Panasonic 20mm.
  187. digging in the shadows
  188. Difference between 40-150mm R and 40-150mm
  189. Winter Whites
  190. Woodland Mini
  191. Wow, three days....
  192. Images from Vancouver (and around) - Last Part
  193. First shots with 40-150mm Oly
  194. That retro look
  195. Vegas
  196. Images from Vancouver (and around) - Part II
  197. Images from Vancouver (and around)
  198. OM-D-EM-5 voted Best Camera of 2012
  199. Fremont Street Vegas People
  200. busy day at the feeder
  201. First snow in Beaver Pennsylvania
  202. Oh, Baby....
  203. Beginner focusing and metering
  204. Olympus 12-50 does macro
  205. Northern Visitors (Pine Grosbeaks)
  206. A couple pictures of our cat
  207. Night Lights
  208. A macro of coral
  209. Lynx (rufus) after sundown
  210. EPL-1 with Summilux 25mm f/1.4 OR the Panasonic GF3XT with a LUMIX G X Vario PZ 14-42
  211. Bonus Time! What to get??? Hmmm......
  212. Is anyone using the 14-54 II on EM-5?
  213. Florida, December, EM-5, 12-50mm lens
  214. Pittsburgh!
  215. Lumix 20mm f1.7 for my existing EPL-1 or buy a new EPL-3 for the same price?
  216. EPL-1 and Sigma 19mm f2.8
  217. Who Would Believe It Might Actually Snow Some Tomorrow?
  218. Summer pixies.
  219. Winter Sunset Over the Bay
  220. Random Gulls
  221. foggy morning
  222. My cat kazoo with the 45mm f1.8
  223. Chinese Lantern Festival in Fair Park
  224. Panny 45-200 at goodwill
  225. Open Aperture and high ISO
  226. A few from this week..
  227. a flurry of winged activity
  228. lens hoods - do you use them and when?
  229. My New Olympus E PL2 Has Arrived
  230. Black Friday deals at olympus
  231. It's beginning
  232. New Zuiko 17mm f1.8
  233. just ordered an Olympus 45mm f1.8, $329!
  234. Titmouse using a Nikkor 300mm f4 lens
  235. As Close I Probably Ever Get..
  236. Old Lens
  237. Just anaother walk-in-a-park
  238. some cedar wax wings with the 70-300mm
  239. Pinwide pinhole photo
  240. Olympus Pen E-PL1 LCD Protector
  241. OlympusEPL1
  242. Hunting for an old farm
  243. Some birds with the 45-200
  244. A few more 60mm f2.8 Images
  245. Faster buffer write? RAW or JPEG
  246. First Snow of the year
  247. Depth of Field
  248. VF-2 Not Clear
  249. Some 60mm f2.8 Macro Images
  250. The last of the local parking lot