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  1. And now the Newb questions roll in!
  2. well... finally bit the bullet!
  3. E-P3, 12mm f2 and 45mm f1.8
  4. panny 200mm lens
  5. Gray Weather, RAW, 40-150M
  6. Top Shelf....
  7. Olympus Sale on EP-3
  8. ....OM-D E-M5 photos album @ CP+ show
  9. ...another beautiful day in the park
  10. shopping spree completed... under $900 kit
  11. Allan Weitz (B&H Photo) Article on the OM-D E5
  12. Monday at the Base with the E-P3
  13. Looking for help with an Olympus lens: ZUIKO DIGITAL 11 - 22mm f/2,8 - 3,5
  14. Olympus 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Zuiko ED
  15. epl-1 vs epm-1?
  16. E-PL2 Price ( Canada )
  17. Who will get the first OM-D Poll
  18. viltrox 4/3 to micro 4/3 - experiences?
  19. first pics with new epl2
  20. Enough Equipment Talk...
  21. just bought an e-pl2 kit - thinking about prime lens now
  22. Getting "Blocked Threat" On This Site Today
  23. Great Evening Sky..
  24. Mirrorless vs Point And Shoot??
  25. Albuquerque
  26. Bit of winter
  27. Flash Intensity and Black Dog
  28. When it comes to using Primes, three's company....
  29. Looking for the Devil's Cigar aka Texas Star
  30. ....and my latest small bag accessory
  31. Extreme ends at the spillway
  32. Would You Believe This was a Fisheye Lens?
  33. Price on E-PL1+14-42mm lens hits new low
  34. A perspective on the mirror less mkt
  35. Preference on E-PL2 Screen Protectors?
  36. Anyone Else Having Trouble With Live Guide?
  37. Talk About a Fast Lens...
  38. Tic Tac battery box --
  39. Looking to purchase a PEN camera, some questions; newbie
  40. VF-2 eye cup, who's changed it?
  41. Flash Sync Speed Setting
  42. New m43 camera announcement in Feb
  43. Auto ASA Only On iAuto (E-PL2)??
  44. Packing for Disney World
  45. Olympus to add new M43 lens to their lineup
  46. ....I wanna scope it and don't know how
  47. A couple more from my P3/50-200
  48. New VF-2 Appears Grainy Looking
  49. Zuiko 45mm price drop
  50. Flash Question On E-PL2
  51. ....trying the 50-200 on the P3
  52. Sunrise over Lake Ontario
  53. Price drop on Oly VF-2
  54. Slow Sync 2nd Curtain Flash ?
  55. The Mirrorless Forum???
  56. ...had to try out the RM-UC1 clone
  57. .....nuggets for the P3 @ pittance of OEM
  58. Some snow and a surprise
  59. A Weekend Visit and Some Color
  60. Have E-PL1--Are There Deals on E-Series....
  61. Olympus 40-150mm On Sale
  62. Playing with Rokinon FE Images in Fisheye Hemi
  63. Not Sure What To Think Of This....
  64. Special pricing on an E-PL1 w/ 14-42mm lens
  65. Olympus 17mm f2.8
  66. Beautiful Saturday Colors
  67. ISO bracketing on E-pl1 and photoshop
  68. Newbie just purchased E-PL1
  69. ......the P3 meets an R8
  70. A Few Days Before the Eclipse
  71. E-P3 OLED Screen tip
  72. The 45mm f1.8 M. Zuiko used at f4
  73. Compatibility Chart For Olympus Products
  74. Panasonic 45-200mm Arrived. E-LP1 Seems To Like It.
  75. Before the First Hard Freeze
  76. VF-2 vs VF-3?
  77. Rokinon 85mm f1.4
  78. First Snowfall
  79. Deal on Photoshop Elements 10
  80. E-PL2 - First Shots
  81. ...a pro 'togs thoughts about the E-P3
  82. A pretty nifty camera strap
  83. The fingers did it again....
  84. Any News Of Canon Releasing a Micro 4/3?
  85. ....added the large grip
  86. Rokinon 7.5mm f3.5 Fisheye
  87. UV Filter--E-PL1
  88. Best Zoom for E-LP1???? (50-200mm range)
  89. Deal On Refurbished PEN E-PL2 Digital Camera W/14-42mm II & 40-150mm Lenses (Black)
  90. Good Buy On Soft Leather Case For E-P3
  91. Discounts on cameras/lenses
  92. Good buy on Sony NEX 5 Kit
  93. Some confused plants
  94. FourThree + 12-60mm m43 lens
  95. ....a morning along the creek with the P3
  96. Gear Acquisition Syndrome
  97. Some Fall Color
  98. ....blooms of begonia
  99. Eye Candy.....
  100. New M43 f1.6 12mm Lens Due Out End of November
  101. Deal on new E-P1
  102. E-P3 and Two Primes...
  103. Ep3 or epL3, white or silver, which lens?
  104. Fall Reflections
  105. Having fun w/E-P2 + 12-60mmSWD lens
  106. Helpful FAQs From Olympus For The PL2
  107. Confused on M43 Lens Adaptors
  108. Olympus MCON-PO1 Macro Adaptor
  109. Deal on 14-42mm Zuiko II Lens
  110. At the Botanical Gardens- EP3 and a couple of lenses
  111. EP2 Deal?
  112. M Zuiko 40-150mm Lens
  113. Color Temp variations in iAuto mode
  114. Olympus Viewer 2 Photo Editor
  115. EP3 the ole Blacksmith Shop
  116. E-PM1 - Kit lens for portraits/close ups?
  117. AEL behavior on EPL1
  118. EP3 Photomatrix I from lotust
  119. EP3 Photomatrix III
  120. EP3 Photomatix II
  121. Evil
  122. Mercedes Motor-Wagen 1886
  123. EP3 Photomatix...
  124. Help On Super Control Panel For The E-PL2
  125. Lumix 14mm with EPL1
  126. E-PL2 Pop Up Flash
  127. Shutter Delay / Anti-shock Question
  128. Not Exactly a macro lens, but....
  129. Problem With E-PL-2 Firmware Update
  130. New EPL-3 Owner
  131. EPL1 in Studio
  132. Heidelberg Mary-Jesus and Schloss
  133. EP3 14-150 Canon 500D 58mm Close Up Lens
  134. Dino Museum Neunkirchen, Germany
  135. Picked Up an E-PM1
  136. Out on the Lake
  137. The Tiny 45mm f1.8 M. Zuiko Has Arrived
  138. Pond @ My Office w E-P3
  139. Bernkastel-Kues an der Mosel II
  140. Bernkastel-Kues an der Mosel
  141. Monarchs are gathering......
  142. ....snapshots with the P3
  143. Finally, a set of E-P3 JPEG settings I like...
  144. the P3 at sunrise
  145. .......splurging for the therapy of it!
  146. Stuck Polarizer on lens
  147. Sensor "Crud" removal
  148. RAW vs. JPEG for my EPL-1
  149. EP3 Family Shots 14-150 & 25 1.4
  150. EP3 14-150 Down on the Farm
  151. a couple of images with the E-P2
  152. Comparison of E-P3... white vs silver
  153. E-P3 Files in RAW Therapee
  154. Well, I just received an EP-2
  155. Oh my, this 12mm f2 M. Zuiko...
  156. The Circus comes to Town EP3 25mm 1.4 DG
  157. New Olympus PEN Firmware - Adds VF-3 support to past models
  158. E-PL2 iauto always reverts back to defaults?
  159. E-P3 High ISO & Night Scene w/ DG 25mm 1.4
  160. E-P3 with 75-300 at dusk
  161. E-P3 100-300 and 14-150 w/ MCON-P01
  162. I wish someone had warned me
  163. Zooms -- a mechanical question
  164. Few from E-P3 and 75-300 this morning
  165. The Greatest Show on Earth...
  166. Just bought e-pl1, question about Panasonic 45-200
  167. Finally....the colors!
  168. For all Oly fans...
  169. B&H Photo has the 12mm m43 lens in stock
  170. From Row 1 at the Baseball Game
  171. The Big Drop..
  172. Issue with Canon FD adapter and E-PL1 display
  173. ....E-P3 demo
  174. FYI - VF3 coming from Olympus
  175. Saturday with the Pen and 75-300 M. Zuiko
  176. 75-300 M. Zuiko and Canon 500D
  177. PENs are out for me right now........
  178. some shots with my 14-42mm panasonic
  179. Some more closeups with the 75-300
  180. a couple of EPL-1 images from the weekend
  181. Olympus Pen E-P2 Micro 4/3 Digital Camera & 17mm f/2.8 Lens
  182. 75-300 Zuiko- Range and Resolution
  183. fun with EPL-1 + Rokkor 50mm f1.4 lens
  184. some shots with my 45-200mm panasonic
  185. can someone reccomend a case to hold the EPL-1 and 2 lens's?
  186. factory reset
  187. Closeups with the E-PL1 and 75-300
  188. Bee Bomb
  189. Playing with a new toy - Panasonic 45-200
  190. (e-pl2 has user adjustable curves tool) Another hidden poorly explained function.
  191. New M.Zuiko lenses -- Macro?
  192. Some form my latest trip
  193. spilled beer on the body
  194. A few more 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 M. Zuiko Images
  195. E-PL3, A Flash and a EV2 viewfinder...
  196. The best back up camera for the Leica M9
  197. with apologies to Bob- more EPL-3 photos
  198. The M. Zuiko 75-300mm f3.8-6.7 Has Arrived!
  199. User review - E-P2 versus E-P3
  200. Add'l info photos of the EP3
  201. Olympus Unveils Three New PEN cameras, Two New m43 Lenses, and Much More
  202. E-PL2 14-150 on the beach
  203. mega OIS
  204. new to the forums, and some pics
  205. Fun with the E-PL1 and 8mm f3.5 Zuiko Fisheye
  206. "Kudos" to Olympus Tech Support!
  207. EPL-1 with Sigma 150mm f2.8 macro
  208. E-PL1 macro shots using Image Stacking
  209. rumor m4/3 bodies and lenses
  210. Setting IS focal length question
  211. First shots with E-PL2
  212. Heavy lens support
  213. "Ain't no sunshine..."
  214. New to micro 43. Just picked up E-Pl1 kit from Dell
  215. Caught this punk...
  216. Jumped in this afternoon..
  217. [Music Video shot with an EPL-1] Mynista: Nuthin' But the Blood]
  218. ACR 6.4.1 is out
  219. older lenses for an E-PL2
  220. Good PEN video editing software/learning to use it...
  221. Mother's Day at Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin,TX
  222. EPL-1 with 12-60mm SWD lens
  223. Lenses on a shoe string
  224. Lens question
  225. Panasonic 45-200mm Lens Question
  226. [EPL-1 Video] Slugger Roo & Lady Roo: "The Union" [Healthy Verses]
  227. "Happy Easter Everyone"
  228. VF-2 Bonus Feature
  229. [EPL-1 Video] My Lil' Homie MP Is Free And FIRED UP! [Mynista T.V.]
  230. PENs and video
  231. Found the most compact travel setup.
  232. A Few E-PL1 images from my girfriend's rose garden
  233. Some Classic, and Some Beautiful, and Some Just Plain Old Lines
  234. GF2 vs. EPL1, real life photo comparison
  235. 60 Minutes Before the Puck Dropped...
  236. Ice
  237. Visit to the Greenhouse
  238. Stone Inukshuk
  239. Panny 14-45mm lens is the one for PEN
  240. See how IBIS degrades video quality
  241. Love panny 14-42mm lens!
  242. Need some help quick...
  243. Problem with EPL1 AVI file
  244. The E-PL1 and two 4/3rd's lenses
  245. VF-2 use in cold weather?
  246. E-PL1 Survey by Olympus
  247. A review of MicroFT @ luminous landscape
  248. manual for E-PL2
  249. E-PL1 w/ 2 lens kit on sale at Dell
  250. Will the Oly EC14 AF with Panny Cameras/Lens?