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  1. Canon A70 (80) or SONY P-12 (P-10)
  2. Canon Digital IXUS 400 VS P10
  3. S50 replacement?
  4. S400 Infinity mode question
  5. Waiting for G8 instead of Pro1
  6. Canon G5 macro mode
  7. Canon A80 boxed contents
  8. Help with a Canon Elph S230
  9. Is A70 Worth Paying $100 More Than HP 735??
  10. Why is the S230 more expensive than the SD100?
  11. Nearest Thing To An On-Line Manual For G5
  12. canon A80 compactflash size
  13. A80 Resolution suggestions
  14. Time for Pro 1 to zoom from wide to tele?
  15. Canon Pro1 and S1 IS reviews posted
  16. A80 or Sony DSC V1
  17. Canon A 80 movies
  18. S500 against T1
  19. Canon S1 vs G5
  20. Pro1 and S1 IS teaser photos
  21. A70 users should read this to avoid lines on pictures
  22. A70 video conversion
  23. a70 setup?
  24. S400 vs S430 vs S500
  25. A80, Can you fire the flash at the end of an exposure?
  26. Help with A60 Please!
  27. Date Stamp on Canon S400?
  28. Need something more than my elph... Any suggestions?
  29. G5 & Purple Fringing
  30. Any Favorite Custom Settings for A80
  31. Powershot Pro1 vs Minolta Dimage A2
  32. Camera gurus, help me to buy a good digital camera
  33. A70 Video Out
  34. Canon A70 pics posted.
  35. Canon G5 now...Or Wait for S500
  36. Canon G3 and G5 sales
  37. S400 vs. Penatx Optio S4 / Specific Question
  38. canon s50
  39. bounce? Whats that?
  40. S50 is dead! Do I wait for new sensor technology?
  41. A80 help with spec
  42. max size cf for canon G5
  43. A70 & A70 power plus - difference ?
  44. S400 vs Pentax S4? Or is there something better?
  45. Metz Flashes Better?
  46. A80 vrs S400
  47. Is RAW noticably better than Super Fine in a Canon S50?
  48. Question about A70 digital zoom - auto focus
  49. Canon sd10 successor
  50. Now to make things even more difficult: The new A75!!!
  51. Help. S-400 transfer to comp problem
  53. A40 VS S400 VS40
  54. S1 available?
  55. Canon A70 Portfolio (crosspost)
  56. Which camera is better? Canan G5 or S50 or Fuji S7000.
  57. canon s3 IS 18 x zoom??
  58. Canon Pro 1: colour bit depth?
  59. HELP: Why the G5 is cheaper than G3 ???
  60. Newby S-400 resloution and compression question
  61. Complete newb with a S400
  62. any sign of A85/A90?
  63. The Numbers Game!! Will you play??
  64. New Canon Pro1
  65. Will the new S500 ( Ixus 500 ) be better than S50?
  66. All new Canon cameras on News page !
  67. Canon S1 IS
  68. Canon 10D Tv changes with flash activation...
  69. A80 Lenses n Stuff
  70. exif data
  71. Anyone using 37mm Lensmate + Tiffen 37mm2x on A80?
  72. CANON Powershot G8 - LEAK WITH PHOTOS!
  73. Poor exposures and AF Non-Assist lamp!! A80
  74. IR remote for G5
  75. CANON A80 VS CASIO QV-5700/4000
  76. A80 Shooting tips for Auto Show
  77. Get rid of my S400 to get a Sony DSC-T1??!
  78. What software to convert A80 video?
  79. Canon A80 Advice PLease
  80. PowerShot G3 Lens
  81. A80 LCD display, aperture, shutter...HELP ME!!!!
  82. A80 Advice
  83. A80 vs G5
  84. A80 as a webcam ?
  85. I have my G2
  86. I'm a new owner of a Canon G5
  87. G5 lcd upside-down?
  88. Canon A80 AC Adapter
  89. Canon A80 rattle's
  90. Canon reaction on Nikon CoolWalker MSV-01
  91. G2 Autofocus
  92. need advise on compact flash cards
  93. S230-- intermittant underexposure problem... HELP!
  94. Is there a new Canon line about to be launched?
  95. Looking for advice: G5 vs Digital Rebel
  96. Powershot G2 - Missing Features?
  97. Pictures taken with the Powershot A40
  98. G2 With Tiffen Megaplus Wide Angle
  99. histogram for A80
  100. PICs by Canon 10D in KIEV !!!
  101. A80 Flash in Auto mode
  102. Fine compression vs. superfine compression
  103. S400 - Tips on reducing red eye
  104. Problem with my new A80
  105. G2 Tell me i will be happy!!!
  106. Neat Image Profile for G5
  107. A80 preflash AND flash fire from slave?
  108. A70 which resolution ?
  109. picture quality...A80 vs S400 (IXUS)
  110. need advice
  111. Will there be a 5-megapixel digital Elph?
  112. What is this?
  113. Stuck pixel
  114. G2 stays in RAW mode
  115. Which one the S50 is now about the price of the A80
  116. S400 skewed images
  117. Movie Mode - Canon Powershot S400 X S50
  118. Image quality alone~ 4x6 and 5/7 ~ are A80 and A70 equal?
  119. PC Expert but Neebie in Digital Cameras
  120. Canon A80 Dark Display
  121. New Canon A80 purple fringing test
  122. Canon raw format images needed
  123. Batteries for S400 and ZR70
  124. A 70
  125. USA limited warranty issue
  126. Canon help, Bday present!
  127. canon ultrazoom?
  128. A80 Help Please
  129. S400 (IXUS 400) tilt on tripod?
  130. red dot in powershot sd100 images
  131. Nice deal on S400 (free memory card)
  132. Canon A70 CF capacity
  133. Canon A70 Problem?
  134. So I've been told -Canon has discontinued the 10D, question
  135. looking for good help book on Rebel 300D
  136. What mics can i get for XM2?
  137. EXIF information not on all photos - S400 newbie
  138. No usb mounter for Mac OS X? How do I download mpgs?
  139. S400 help for upload images from PC
  140. Put files on card/camera for showing on TV?
  141. canon a80 vs s400
  142. Digi-Slave L-Ring & Canon G5/G3
  143. Slow Focusing with S400?
  144. please help me get my macro to work on s230
  145. Canon PS G3+S45 or Dimage 7Hi
  146. S400 help with action shots
  147. A80 as webcam?
  148. New camera/printer/warranty - what else do i need?
  149. why...does the a70 do this
  150. A70 - Can I send video from TV to camera to capture?
  151. Canon IXUS range (S400, SD100 etc) help please :)
  152. canon a80 vs. minolta s414
  153. Canon p&s additional accessories - lens converter
  154. A70 stolen, looking forward to get A80 or A70? Comments pls?
  155. Canon S400 AF Assist Lamp help
  156. canon D60
  157. Convert a digital picture from 4:3 into 16:9
  158. a300 vs ixus i/sd10
  159. Date/time stamp on image
  160. S400 - force fast shutter speed?
  161. So I am curios, what is the "zoom" equivalent of a
  162. Canon A70 vs. Fuji A310
  163. Why the Movie Downgrade on A80?
  164. My A40 mode dial is stuck!
  165. S400 - Issues opening .avi file in Premiere
  166. Canon Powershot Pro70-anyone have one they use?
  167. Canon S400 V Nikon 3700
  168. Editing w/A80 help
  169. Remote Capture on XP
  170. S400 "chatters" while in autofocus....normal?
  171. Oh dear: Move on to my 6th digital camera? (G3 to DR?)
  172. Canon A80 Flash problem
  173. Longer than 1 sec shutter speed on Canon A80 "Av"-
  174. Choice: Pentax Optio S4 or Canon SD-10 ?
  175. Better A80 flash.
  176. Conversion Lens Adapter (canon)
  177. Canon E18
  178. 9 point AF on S series, A80 but single point on G3/5? Why?
  179. Need help with movie editing.
  180. S400 Tips (What settings to chose in a nightclub)
  181. Digital photo developing question
  182. Had similar problem with my A80
  183. canon a80 and canon s45 = same image quality or what ???
  184. New owner Of G5
  185. CANON S230 : Is it being Discontinued
  186. Canon A70 broken & Canon repair service
  187. Manual focus on A80
  188. LCD G3
  189. S400 blurry picture?
  190. Canon A70 or Pentax Optio S
  191. which canon should I buy??
  192. macro converter for s400 (ixus400)
  193. Canon A70 problem
  194. Telescope adapters
  195. S400 two minor complaints..
  196. S400 back side "presses in"?
  198. S400 usb cable cylinder?
  199. Canon S45 vs. A80
  200. Software A70
  201. Canon A70 startup noise???
  202. Canon S400 v. A80
  203. Canon S30 repair?
  204. Does anyone own a Canon SD100 (Ixus II) ?? Help wanted
  205. question about down loading images to computer from A80
  206. help with canon driver
  207. question about cropping pictures
  208. Canon A70 Not as bad as some say
  209. Which camera Canon A70 or Kodak 6340/6440
  210. Ixus VII (SD100) noisy video sound?
  211. picture quality s30 much better than A70?
  212. Nikon Coolpix 3700 v Canon Powershot A70
  213. S50 Quick Snaps possible??
  214. Canon A80 vs. S45 vs. Nikon Coolpix 4300
  215. need canon user opinion
  216. A80 PowerShot Auto Flash Problem
  217. EDIT: --A80 Red Eye --Vs Olympus C4000z
  218. hi tealblue i need your advise
  219. S400 Banding problem?
  220. Which printer for Canon S50 camera...HP or Canon
  221. Powershot A60 Pics.
  222. Canon A70 - Max MB for memory?
  223. Canon PowerShot SD10 Forum website, very cool!!!!!!!!!
  224. Coke + Canon doesn't mix.
  225. S400 AF assist beam?
  226. Anyone have an IXUS 400 question?
  227. A80 versus S50 - Please Respond
  228. S20 PURPLE TINT.
  229. Canon product problems
  230. G5 - charging the battery
  231. Shooting question re: A80
  232. S400 close-up shot?
  233. Canon Warranty - USA?
  234. Contrast and Color Problems with A80?
  235. S400 vs SD10
  236. Carry Cases
  237. Which A60 or A70 is better? Please help.
  238. Christmas Lights
  239. Worst temperatures for S400?
  240. Next Model, G-?
  241. Independent flashgun for G3
  242. Canon S400 case ... PADDED?
  243. Canon A70 shuts down when connected to the computer
  244. Canon G3 Vs. Sony S-85? Help Me...
  245. More on s400 vs. a80...opinions needed!
  246. Need help in understanding the Canon A70.
  247. Would you go for Canon A070 or A080 ????
  248. Is the LCD on the a80 bad?
  249. BAttery Compatibility for Canon PowerShot SD10?
  250. BAtteru Compatibility for Canon PowerShot SD10?