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Violet sky Aug 22, 2006 6:58 AM

While searching for a cheap second hand digicam to replace my Minolta Z2 (stolen), I came across a new CD1000 that a photographer's shop had never managed to sell.
Well, they sold it to me for €50.
It's never been used and in mint condition. The battery is practically dead, of course, but for €50 it's ok.

Now, the questions:

1) Can I get it in any way to use CDRW? I know the CD350 and CD500 understand CDRW while the CD1000 only understands CDR, but is there any way to trick it into doing it anyway? I dunno, maybe new high quality CDRWs or something, which it would think are CDRs but which I can then erase in the computer?

2) The prices for Infolithiums are ludicrous, so I need to recell the one I have (f550). If I used higher capacity cells would the electronics know it and use the extra capacity or would they behave as if they were 1500MAH regardless?

3) I'm used to carrying my digicam in one of these. The CD1000 is much larger than my previous digicam, though, and I don't know if large enough belt-bags of that kind even exist... and I don't want to keep it in a backpack, or whatever I want to take a picture of would be three miles away by the time I got the digicam out. Any ideas?

4) What sensivity does it have? The usual review sites don't quote its ISO rating...

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