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Hi!...I´ve been reading this forum for a very long time, I live in Argentina, and already a happy owner of an H1.

In october I´ll go to South Korea,and maybe the possibility to buy an H5willappear so....Is the H5 a real improvement over the H1 to buy it?. I have problems with the H1 taking sports shot in the evening when dusk starts, ISO 400 is a very grainier and I have to set the speed very low so I have only two chances, dark pictures or blurry images.Will I be able to improve this with the H5??...what about the purple fringing CyberShotNutnoted on his H5???.

The real problem is that the amount of money that the H5 will cost me ( I expect 500 bucks, the same the H1 costed me here) isa normal salary in my country, butI willsell the H1 to pay the H5.

Is it worth the hassle?:?

Anybody Please!!!

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The H5 has much better low light abilities than the H1

For a start the ISO 400 mode is actually useable , take a look at the pictures in the comparison posted over at dpreview (warning many pics, slow loading even on broadband..). Iso 800 might even be usable for small pics if you do a lot of post processing on it ..


As you can see the H1 is a lot less sensitive than the ISO settings say (or else the H5 is more sensitive) , in other words, set the H1 and H5 at the same ISO and the picture captured by the H5 will be brighter..

Another thing going for it is , the flash, a lot more controlable compared to the H1, so less need to take diffusers etc along with you to tame the light.

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