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i didn't get the t30 cause it was bulkier than the casio exilim s600...is the T50 skinnier than the T30 or is the only diff the touch screen?
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To me, T50 looks about the same size as T30. Speaking of T50, I understand why Sony wants a touchscreen model in N2 but why put a touchscreen in a T-serie model. Personally, I think touchscreens certainly are high tech but I wouldn't want to own a camera with a touchscreen.

You have to wonder what Sony is doing here. T30 is only slightly better as T9. T10 is only slightly better than T9 but slightly worse than T30. And now T50... If people are buying these cams (with Sony prices) Sony is doing a really good job convincing people that newer models are better.

I'm on the market for a party ultracompact but spendin A LOT of time reading about different cams, the Panasonics, the Sonys et cetera et cetera, I came to realize that while especially nowadays manufacturers are marketing ultracompacts as great party cams only cameras like Fuji F30 are for parties, and that's why I'm gonna buy F30. I know I'm gonna be a bit jealous of my friends owning "credit card" cams with OIS and 3" screens but on the other hand I do not have to use flash and my pics will be superior. And it's not like F30 is a brick or anything.
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