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When I first found out about the two new compact/sub-compact cameras coming out from Sony I was pretty excited. I actually pre-ordered both the DSC-N2 and the DSC-T50. I've received both and have run them through some tests. Surprisingly the Supersteadyshot on the T50 really wasn't that big of a deal after all. In head to head comparisons I found very few situations where it really seemed to make any difference. And, no, even though the website at one spot says the N2 has Super steadyshot, it doesnt.

Here are some quick comments:

1) Almost exactly the same dimensions as the N2, except sloping face, and very slightly shorter.

2) Video quality on both screens seem almost identical.

3) The T50 took twice as long to zoom to full zoom (I only tried the Smart setting)

4) The T50 seemed to have blurrier edges.

5) The N2 had noticeably crisper resolution in most situations, even when zoomed up on playback mode up to 5x.

6) In trying to test out the steadyshot on the T50, I tried forward and backward motions, tilting motions, side to side, shaking. Believe it or not, the N2 actually went toe to toe in most situations, with a slight edge to the T50 when taking the shaking picture in full zoom mode. Both cameras; however, had blurry and sharper pictures than each other in different circumstances--with no consistency. I think it really had to do with where I was in the motion at the time, and there really didn't seem to be a great advantage with the steadyshot.

7) Both screens and menus identical, except the N2 is a little more recessed. The T50 also doesn't have the automatic album function that the N2 has.

8) startup time between sliding the door on the T50, and pushing the power button on the N2 was almost exactly the same.

9) N2 slightly heavier than the T50

Final conclusions for me:

1) I like the benefit of the extra 3 megapixels of the N2

2) I experienced no real benefit of the supersteadyshot over the N2

3) I think the N2 has cleaner lines

4) I like a popout lens rather than the folded mirror lense of the T50

5) I really don't like the sliding door concept--things can snag on it, can possibly become loose over time.

6) The gold color of the N2 is pretty cool, with the silver contrasts

7) I actually kind of prefer having the screen more centered in the back of the camera like the N2 has

8) Zoom toggle little easier to hit on the N2

9) Zooming much faster on the N2

10) ISO sensitivy mode higher on the N2 (1600 vs. 1000)

11) I don't really care about the T50's on-board memory (64MB vs. 24MB) because I have a 4gb card

12) The N2 album mode actually comes in handy from time to time

13) The N2 is even $50.00 cheaper!

I'm sure others may disagree and say the T50 is the ultimate, but I honestly don't see the big benefits. Long story short--the T50 is going back today and I'm keeping the N2.

Hope this helps others thinking this one over.

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Thanks for your input.

It's somewhat surprising that you didn't notice much difference between the image stabilization and non-image stabilized pics. Everybody else seems to rave about it. Maybe you already have ultra-stable hands...
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Old Oct 27, 2006, 3:34 PM   #3
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This is a good test on both cameras you've made. I own the original DSC-T1 and am pretty happy with it as long as I am taking pictures in the day time. Except when the pictures aretaken doors or at night, and this includes with the buld-in flash.I noticed nobody brings this subject. I saw another picture taken at the subject ans same condition but with a canon (don't know the model) and the results are better with the canon; the skin color are more real as the sony's are redish or 'warm'

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Old Dec 20, 2006, 12:06 AM   #4
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shouldn't really be a choice here... only advantage the T50 has is thinner dimensions and "image stabilization". other than that the N2's 1/1.7" CCD vs 1/2.5", not to mention manual mode and a stronger flash makes ita much moresuperior camera.

here in australia the N2 is $50 RRP dearer tho.
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You are supposed to turn the stabilization off with side to side motions and probably all of the other artificial shake you induced. To test stabilization you try your best to steady both cameras in limited light where the camera is having trouble generating enough shutter speed with the lens wide open. It works for very subtle hand movements that will blur a low shutter speed shot. And it makes a big difference.

That is why people should read reviews by professionals like Steve who know what they are doing.

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