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nick5555 Oct 22, 2006 2:18 AM


I'm thinking of buying a Sony H2 6Mp camera or a Sony H5 7.2 Mp camera...i don't know the difference between the quality of print outs between the both...would it be better to save a few £'s $'s and opt for an H2. If anyone can enlighten me on this question and tell me on what maximum size in inches could you get a photo from both cameras and still have a very good quality printout.

I have a Fuji A340 4mp camera at this moment and need something what can take quality larger photos.

Thanks in advance.

stormyblueyz Oct 25, 2006 1:33 AM

I think the max size image with a 6Mp camera a good quality normal photo print would have a max size of about 14x20 (odd size I know, but it's the calculation). A 300dpi hi-resolution print would go about 8x10 with 6Mp.

With the7Mp, you're looking at about 16x20 for a good quality normal photo print, and about 9x11 for a hi-res print at 300dpi.

Honestly, there's not THAT much difference between them,unless you're wanting to print poster size images, and if that is the case I would go up to at least 9-10Mp.

I own the H5 and it hasEXCELLENT quality images for the amount of $$ I have spent on it. But, I haven't tried a print larger than8x10 from an image taken with this camera, so as far as poster size prints (beyond the expectations from the Mp) I have no idea what the camera will do as far as quality.

You can find more info here:

I hope this is helpful for you...:-)

Forreste1 Oct 27, 2006 8:50 PM

The big difference in the H2 and H5 is the display...3 inch in H5 and the clarity and outside use of H5 is far better then the H2.....But the cost is more then perhapes the display and 1 megpixal is worth...Can get the H5 in black. I own the is superb.About as good as it gets in this range. You need to get used to picking up and holding the H5 .Not alot of finger room.. Good luck mate

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