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Cali Feb 1, 2007 5:00 PM

I have the H5, and am about to get my first prints. :D Are there any downfalls to uploading your pictures to an on-line photo service site to order prints? Does anyone know if you lose resolution when you do this? Is this a bad way to get the most out of my high-resolution camera, and if so, what is the best affordable mechanism for getting the best quality prints out of my camera?:? I'm not ready to invest in a high quality home printer.



nickphoto123 Feb 2, 2007 5:21 AM

Hello Cali,

IMHO, for upto 4x6 prints, the very best prints for me are from my Epson Picture Mate

six color printer. I can use my PC or print direct from my cards, or from my Pict Bridge camera.

(Epson has come out with a 4 color printer which I do not use, a dumbed down 4 color Picture Mate).

The 6 color Picture Mate was at $250. Now it is $129 new at Amazon:;s=electronics

The paper and ink come in one pack, more than enough ink to print the 100 4x6 sheets that comeswith the pack. Cost is about 22cents a print. When you consider that you only print those you want your real cost is reduced.

Here is the Glossy print pack:;s=electronics

You will have the best prints to 4x6 as they do more than justice to the 10MP of my Sony R-1.

These prints are waterproof, finger print proof, last 100 years.

You can also buy a battery which is good for 50 + prints on the go.

Visit your relatives and leave them with prints.

This is what I do. hope you find some of this helpful.


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