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mrmknet Mar 6, 2007 1:22 PM


I am thinking it is a good time to buy an H2 as prices will more probably drop before H7/9 arrive...

I am quite impressed by its specs and reviews except the flash recycling time..

I usually take children photos and need a fast camera.

I read that it takes 16 sec to recycle the flash when used at full power and in other sites i read that it often takes no more than 8 sec

So I need someone to carry on this test and post the results

Focus in P mode at an object 4 meters away and shot and measure accurately the shot to shot delay, then repeat at 6 meters, This isthe range of distances I shoot at..

If possible, repeat the test once at ISO 80 and again at ISO 200 ( I believe the latest will use less flash power)

These are the conditions I mostly shoot at, 5 secs shot to shot delay using the flash is long but acceptable, It wont mean I will miss good shots at most cases, While 16 secs mentioned in some previews will be an obstacle in my way to buy this Camera

Please help me to take a decision

Thanks in advance

CyberShotNut Mar 6, 2007 11:48 PM

I took a few shots with the lens adapter and lens cap on which will make the flash output as powerful as the camera is capable. It took 11 seconds to charge the flash capacitor with fully charged Lenmar 2000mAh batteries and 14 seconds with the Sony 2500mAh batteries that came with the camera.

mrmknet Mar 7, 2007 5:22 AM

Thank you for replying

It will be rare cases when I use the flash at full power, it will be distant shot and i can wait 14 sec to take the second

But shooting a kid in action means i can wait more than 5 seconds max, I dont know at the cases I stated prevously how much of the flash power I will need so that I can know if the camera can suit me, That's why I asked for this test....

By the way, If I started taking a movie in a shaded area and moved with my subject till we came out of the shade, will the exposure be adjusted to suit the bright sun light or it is locked once i begin the movie?

cheeze_wizz Mar 11, 2007 9:00 PM

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I did not read your post till just now but today i was playing with my cam h-2 and had my son jumping on the bed. I went thrugh veris diffrent modes on the cam and in portrat mode with flash on red eye it was taking about 4 secs to charge. now under good light say out side i was snapping shots of one after another...dont know if this will help...

when you do your action shots of the kids is it under good light? if so then u should get off some shots around 4 secs apart with flash. but i myslef am still leraneing..

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