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Sony P100 vs P10 vs P93 vs W1

Please help me choose!!

Hi there!

I'm presently in a bit of confusion! I really don't know which one of the above mentioned Digital Cameras to buy!

If anyone could help me decide I would really appreciate it!

You can even recommend another make and model if it would just help me!


Thank you!
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Here are some thoughts based on looking into all of them when buying very recently. I also actually tested the P10 and P93.

The P93 and W1 both use the excellent and cheap Sony AA rechargeables, the other two use shorter life and more expensive InfoLithium batteries. As standard the InfoLithium batteries are charged in the camera which is a pain, budget for a stand-alone charger. This issue might be important to you. If you were looking at a P10 or P100 better to get the special edition outfit version of each (P12 and P120) which have a leather case and extra battery included...often the extra cost is about what the case is worth so you get a battery free.

The P10 and P100 are really very small, they might be smaller than you are comfortable holding.

The P10 and P93 both have small 1.5" LCDs. Unless your eyesight is A1 it can be hard to see the icons on the screen when shooting. The P100 has a better 1.8" and the W1 is 2.5". You may find the W1 LCD too large, it covers much of the back of the camera and may be prone to damage.

The W1 and P100 should have a better lens performance. This is hardly likely to be noticed in normal point and shoot images, or for average sized prints. It may be important if you want to enlarge the images.

The W1 is a different shape to the rest with the lens in the middle. If you support the camera with your left hand you may find this better as the others all have the lens on the farleft where your fingers want to go.

The P10 and P100 have an easy to useSports/Fast Shutter Scene mode. The only way of getting a fast shutter for moving objects on the other two is to use a pretty fiddly manual mode. The manual mode is even harder to use with the P93 as you need to look at that smaller LCD to know what the settings are.

I bet at the end of the day they will all turn out similar excellent images with the typical Sony "character", the choice is likely to be a personal one with price being part of the issue.

Currently in the UK there are some excellent deals on the P10/P12 making that the cheapest (£240), the P93 is next (£245) with the P100/W1 usually at the same price (£300). The P120 outfit looks very good value at £320. All prices online discount suppliers.

In the end I bought a P12 outfit at the lowest price for best value.

Hope that helps.

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A most excellent synopsis!

Personally, I'm trying to find the absolute smallest camera that still takes good images and I find the P100 to be at the large end of this category. Unfortunately, the tiny Casio EX-Z40 and Pentax Optio S4i don't seem to have the quality I'm looking for. The P100 is a serious contender at this point.

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Your search for the smallist cam is one I share, The camera I have, the U30 seems to fit that requirment nicely, I am vary happy overall with it. It has 2MP resolution. Any way check it out to see if it meets your needs.

Best regards: Will
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