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Finally, after weeks of waiting, reading the manual and reviews online, I was able to spend an hour in a CompUSA with a W1. I took my own memory card, 2 AA's, and a Canon A80 - another purchase possibility, home on trial. Due to 15% restocking fees used by CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy and others, it's very hard to bring a W1 home to try, unless you find it at Wal-Mart or Staples, who don't have such restrictions.

In short, of the 6 flash and available light pictures taken with the W1 and A80, the A80 surpassed the W1 in 3 of 6, tied it with the other 3 - both in terms of clarity, contrast and color rendition. Further, the menu and choices of the W1 left me very unimpressed. It isn't really that small, and my fingers were all over that screen in trying to hold it. It's "cute," but very limited, I concluded, beyond a Point and Shoot approach. Other than that big screen, I didn't see much it had to offer. The speed is matched, or almost, by other cameras, even the A80.

I had really looked forward to it, but was really let down. Even the store cleark was sympathetic. In the under $400 range, I now have the Kodak DX7440 as the only one left to compete with the A80, and look forward to trying that out - hopefully from a store allowing full returns (Staples, Wal-Mart).

Do others of you have impressions? Not from the hype of reading about it, but from actually trying one our and, preferably making comparrisons?

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hy everybody. I received my W1 one week ago and spent a lot of time comparing it with dsc t1 (definitely more pocket-sized) and nikon coolpix 5200. I was really excited since the hype regarding this camera was super, but I share your impression: I am definitely NOT impressed by this camera....

the screen is really BIG, but in bright light T1's display is far more visible.

the camera is BIG, too, very thick if compared with nikon's 5200, and not as light. It doesnot fit in your pocket at all.:P

third. what really DISAPPOINTED me is that 5 shots out of ten taken in low light with flash (no matter the setting of AF or flash) are completely out of focus!

I think i will return it. I think nikon's 5200 is the best 5mp COMPACT CAMERA available now....

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The 5200 is the Red Lobster Cam..

Take a look at the 5200 pictures on Steves review. Notice the color of the skin on the girl.

The camera is a disaster. Every person looks like they have been radiated heavily !

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hi everybody at the forum. I hove to apologize for my previous statement in this forum. I tested heavily my nikon 5200 and sony w1 and I have to admit that my first impression was wrong. if the cameras are set properly, sony's images appear sharper and better saturated. I also found the "red lobster problem" (maybe it's related to redeye correction system?). I still have some troubles with sony's w1 focusing in low light, and nikon's flash is definitely more powerful, but with adequate settings, w1 seems really better.

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