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Okay, I ADMIT IT. I am obsessed with SMALL cameras.

Ever since I saw those little spy cameras in the back of comic books as a kid- I wanted one.

Never got one either, until a few years ago either!

Anyway, with the advent of digital photography, now camera makers are making some amazing high quality cameras that fit in a shirt pocket--- and smaller.

I've owned the JVC AG50- literally the size of a matchbox- and several shirt pocket cameras as well, starting with the vertical Fuji models.

I also owned full fledged big pro-video cameras, various SLRS, the immortal compact Olympus Stylus, a Sony S75, S85, and some others.

Most recently, I ventured into the sub-compact digital camera realm, with an eye for perfection. I've looked at Canons, Sony's, Minoltas, Pentax, and others-- and I believe I've come to RECOGNIZE what is currently-- naturally in MY OPINION-- the clear winner, and best all around sub-compact camera.

I don't make this claim lightly, as I am a STICKLER for usability, quality of image, performance, as well as value.

I also honor the opinions of other camera reviewers (with a admitted disdain for commercial magazine reviews, and "we review ANYTHING" like CNET reviews.)

I've found that the biggest problem out there reviewing small cameras in particular, is that reviewers have SO MANY CAMERAS and so little time.

[align=left]Most reviewers have missed so CRUCIAL fine points regarding these little guys, and inadvertently missed true comparitive results that became SO OBVIOUS to me, with some dedicated use.

Here, I've REALLY really focused on these little guys.

And so it came down to TWO, after looking at them all, what they did, and their sample pictures.

The Sony T1 and the Minolta G400.

I've posted my findings on a web page devoted exclusively to this subject- mind you, I have an educational web site-- I don't sell any camera gear whatsoever. So my opinion is about as unbiased as you are going to get.

Please enjoy, and give me some feedback on this.

The Sony T1 and Minolta G400 Shootout Comparison (with Sony S85 thrown in for good measure)

Neil Slade


And thanks to Steve for the best camera site on the web, hands down.[/align]
[align=left]I cropped a couple of Steve's sample photos and placed them on this page for referrence providing a link back to Steve and credit- many thanks.
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