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Deadlock-83 Aug 12, 2004 9:00 AM

The additional add-on lenses that Sony sells for the W1 (the telephoto and macro) are quite expensive and they also require the special adaptor.

I tried a search on ("dsc-w1 lens") and the results show many addon lenses created by different companies that claim they are compatible for the W1 and also dont require an adaptor (since adaptors are already included).

Please take a look on this page:

and tell me if you believe these lenses (or some of them) really have good optics and will provide me with satisfactory results. Especially which one of those companies (if any) you are familiar with (in a good way?)

I am mostly interested in a macro lens (X0.5 or X0.45 seems fine). I also want a telephoto lens but am afraid of the "circle effect" when using focal ranges at the wide end of the zoom range (there was a thread about this).

Anyhelp on these dilemmas would be greatly appreciated.

normc Aug 13, 2004 5:03 PM

Depending on when you purchased your camera Sony offered a 20% one time discount on all of the accessories.

ronorro Aug 13, 2004 5:26 PM

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Except for the direct comment of a real user of some of these third mark additional lens, I would not buy different objectives that original Sony. I have an additional wide-lens for the W1, the VCL-DH0730, with excellent results. I don't also believe that any additional lens, although it is not original Sony, you can use without adapter. I post a sample photo taken with the original Sony 0,7x wide-lens and adapter.

Deadlock-83 Aug 14, 2004 3:06 AM

Thanks, I think I will stick with the original Sony lenses. Results look good enough.

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