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Vegas Sep 2, 2004 8:02 AM

What does everyone think about the look/spec. of the new V3 (replacing V1). I think that it looks pretty good and I'm glad that they have included a compact flash slot. I also like the fact that they have moved the pop up flash which got in the way (for me personally) on the V1. I do wish that theyhad designed it touse AA batteries and maybe had a slightly wider angle lens but apart from that I think that it looks more professional and can't wait to see some sample shots. Does anyone know when an F828 replacement may be become available?

sdh Sep 2, 2004 9:23 AM

The upcoming V3 looks very cool. I have to believe a W3 (7 MP upgrade to the W1)is on the way too.

Pipkin Sep 2, 2004 12:13 PM

I think 7 Mp for 1/1.8 sensor is not quite bright idea. Seems, V3 has gotfairly ferocious noise depressing machine...;)

BTW, why 7 Mp, not 17 ???... Hey, Sony!!?

Need to watch V3's pictures...:|to complete opinion.

Vegas Sep 2, 2004 4:05 PM

I agree, the manufacturer's do seem to be in a megapixel race but I guess Sony had to make the V3 seven as it'scompeting withthe CanonG6 which is also seven. I wish that they would make a V2 with all the new features but keep it 5MP.A W3 sounds pretty cool as I have just bought a W1 which I quite like (size, screen, speed) but it does lack some manual controls which I guess is where the new V3 will come in.

Pipkin Sep 2, 2004 5:51 PM

Maybe DSC W2 (W3, W4 etc —— next reincarnation of W1) will be the best of what we want?

stallen Sep 7, 2004 1:15 PM

I am considering either the canon G6 or the Sony V3. I'm waiting for the review and release of the V3. Also, I am hoping that Steve includes performance information with the memory stick pro vs. a high speed CF (like the lexar 80X). I wonder if a high speed CF might even further improve the start up and shot to shotlag. Any thoughts?

Vegas Sep 7, 2004 1:43 PM

I'm also going to choose between the V3 and the Canon G6 when the V3 comes out. I currently own a Sony W1 and this camera even with standard memory stick is amazingly fast compared to my previous camera (Sony P92), I have just purchased a Sandisk Memorystick Pro and while the Startup time of the W1 doesn't appear to change downloading the images does seem a fair bit quicker than the standard Memorystick. I guess with the Pro stick it can take full advantage of the USB2 connection speedsincluded on Sony cameras. If I do go with the V3 I will probably keep the Pro stick for 30fps video clips and buy a compact flash card (which is still a fair bit cheaper ) for images. I think it will be a hard decision between the two, I like the fact that the V3 has a built in lens cover but I'm now wondering whether to wait and see what the F828 replacement will be like. The 8MP cameras are a fair bit bigger and I don't really need 8MP! + I read that they have more image noise. I guess in the end it will come down to a number of factors but the most important will always be image quality which is also down to personal taste as I have seen many images that I have thought to be great quality where as others don't and vice versa.

Sinister Purpose Sep 7, 2004 6:13 PM

I noticed that the V3's on camera flash has a working range up to 11.5 feet (3.5M). That is less than the W1's 12.5 feet, which I often find inadequate.I don't care much for the look of the PowershotG6. I will awaitthe release of the new Panasonic FZ-15 and FZ-20 and will hold them all inmy handsbefore making any decisions!

Cybershot455 Sep 7, 2004 6:41 PM


Did you ever buy a slave flash for the W1? Did you read my comments on my cheap Vivitar slave in another thread?


Sinister Purpose Sep 7, 2004 9:54 PM

Cybershot455 wrote:


Did you ever buy a slave flash for the W1? Did you read my comments on my cheap Vivitar slave in another thread?
No, I never did. I wouldn't be happy if it went-off when others were taking pictures, and my wife wouldn't use it, so I thought I'd just get another (my own) camera, instead! I did save the electronics from a couple disposable cameras, though. The plan was to try to detect the flash electronically on the camera (not optically, but I haveseen some fiber optic solutions). As yet, I have done nothing.

It seems that Circuit City has the Panasonic FZ20K.Some lively discussion andpicture links have been posted in the Panasonic forum,but I'd like to read Steve's review, first!

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